Embark on an extraordinary week-long journey ...

Each year the programme is very rich, dense and full of surprises.  This year even more so! and to an unprecedented level!

Biomim'expo, the only event of its kind on biomimicry, had to find an original and novel solution for this very special, demanding and challenging year 2020!

So we will not meet for one day, but a whole week !

In December 2020, for the first time in the world, an event will offer you a continuous thread over a whole week dedicated to the living as a model to inspire us with innovations and new models for tomorrow.

5 days, 25 sessions, > 100 speakers

Biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations take to the airwaves for a week: TV shows and duplexes, interviews, conferences, talk shows, debates, specials, photo and video galleries... and participatory workshops  …

The main themes:

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The incredible programme schedule

A week of inspiration, thanks to the contributions of an exceptional panel! ...

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Tone and slogan 2020

changing our perspective in order to change our scale, through the strength of the collective "

Why? How do we do it?


Transformation of the 1st December Biomim'expo Digital Week into 100% digital.

The majority of the content will be offered from a TV studio with some guests on set and others in video duplex. Unlike the video tools we have become big consumers of in recent months, we have chosen another environment, closer to a media and journalistic content. This is to vary the pleasures and to offer you a more pleasant experience. Just like a news programme or a TV show, you will not lose sight of the guest speakers, even when videos, reports or slide shows are broadcast.

We also maintain several workshops, to be discovered here.

A video gallery will also allow you to watch films, interviews and reports on your favourite bio-inspired innovations.

New bio-inspired applications are emerging every day. Factors such as the urgency of the issues at stake, new expectations, scientific factors (new knowledge, new tools, new approaches, etc.), economic factors (the value of deep tech innovations, the value of alternative approaches, the benefits of processes or uses, etc.) and cultural factors (multidisciplinarity, a change in outlook, academic and semantic bridges, etc.) are all conducive to the emergence of a new generation of innovations and players.

We invite you to discover them.

Biomimicry, Nature and us.

We will start this week by taking a step back and looking at our relationship with biodiversity and our wider environment, what lessons we can learn for the future and how bio-inspiration can help us imagine a future that is not an extension of the past.

We will question our relationship with the living, but also our ways of life; our models of organisation as a community or as territories; our relationship with the earth, particularly in its role and promise as a nurturing land.

We will discuss the societal, political and strategic dimensions that an approach such as biomimicry can carry or contribute to.

We will of course also come back to the lessons to be learned from the current health crisis, but without forgetting the long and deep-rooted trends that it reveals and that it must not mask if we want to look ahead.

Each day ends with the "Biomim' after work", an open channel for exchanges between you.

D07#01 9.30am - 11.15am [ PLATEAU D'OPENING

Biomimicry, a new strategic roadmap of excellence for the ecological transition and France's influence?

  • Kalina RaskinDirector General of the Ceebios
    • Next steps for Ceebios and strategic roadmap for biomimicry in France.
  • Alain Renaudinfounder of Biomim'expo, president of NewCorp Consulting
    • Why is biomimicry emerging today and can be proposed as a project for society?

What Covid-19 has taught us about our relationship with biodiversity and how we can draw inspiration from living things to build the next world.

  • Allain Bougrain DubourgPresident of the LPO
    • What the prodigious universe of birds, sentinels of biodiversity, tells us about our past and our future.
  • Sabine Roux de BézieuxPresident of the Fondation de la Mer.
    • Marine biodiversity, the treasure and future of humanity, and a strategic asset for France.
  • Gilles BoeufPresident of Ceebios, former President of the Scientific Council of the French Agency for Biodiversity; former advisor to several Ministers; Professor at Sorbonne University; former President of the National Museum of Natural History.
    • What is the common destiny of biodiversity and humans?


How can we rethink the development and planning of our spaces to make them more resilient, more pleasant to live in and more respectful of biodiversity? Exchanges on the specifications proposed by the living world, and sharing of experiences. 

Tarik will then lead an exchange with

  • Caroline Balley-Tardy, Urban planner and facilitator in collective intelligence, at the service of the ecological and solidarity transition, DREAL Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Olivier MassicotDirector of the Biovallée association and member of the Territory Lab researchers' collective
  • David Nicogossian, Advice to territorial actors at Cerema
  • Lisa Garnier-DurandR&D Manager in Biodiversity at TEN Réseau de Transport d'Electricité.


How can biomimicry help and inspire the major challenges of the ecological and energy transition? Cross interview and review of the objectives of the Ademe - Ceebios partnership


Permaculture, soil health, freedom to sow, alternative and symbiotic approaches, short circuits... when agriculture reinvents itself 

  • Pierre-Henri GouyonProfessor at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN)AgroParisTech and ENS. Team "Genetic systems, adaptation & domestication "Laboratory: " Institute of Systematics, Evolution and Biodiversity MNHN-CNRS, UMR 7205, Department of "The Environment". Systematics & Evolution "
    • Demonising and decontaminating crops. When human health depends on the freedom to sow.

Continuation of the exchanges and debates with :

  • Marc-André SelosseProfessor at the University of Montpellier II and the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) - "Diversity, plant and fungal evolution" team of the Institute of Systematics, Evolution and Biodiversity (ISYEB- UMR 7205 - CNRS/MNHN/UPMC/EPHE) - head of the "Interactions and plant and fungal evolution" team (INEVEF); Knight of Agricultural Merit.
  • Perrine Hervé-GruyerFounder of the Bec Hellouin Organic Farm
  • Henri Landesco-chair of Landestinia former leader of the GoodPlanet Foundationco-founder of CliMatesthe founder of Croc-traiteurco-author of Le Déni climatique (2015) and Faites le Plein de Nature! (2018).
  • Daniel RodaryFounder and coordinator, programme Communal forests of Biomimicry Europa.
  • Félix Noblia, a farmer-researcher, settled in the Basque Country in mixed farming on the Larrous Farm! A pioneer of Organic Conservation Agriculture. Félix Noblia is also vice-president of Farms of the future.


How are some regions mobilising their biomimicry ecosystems? What are the roadmaps on environmental issues? What has been the dynamic over the last 10 years in terms of developments and changes in attitudes?  

D07#06 4pm - 6pm [ THE WWF WORKSHOP


Biomimicry, a socio-economic ecosystem of innovation and investment.

Biomimicry in motion and in applications, this day will show concretely a series of bio-inspired innovations carried by startups and emerging companies, will talk about support tools to develop this "bio-inspired generation", and will also evoke the innovations induced in terms of management of organisations.

Biomimicry is emerging, more and more market innovations are being created, and support and investment structures are stepping up their activities. From idea to practice, this day will be an opportunity to discover an incredible panel of innovators and startups and to see the various projects during the Biomim'Challenge Final to be experienced live.

We will also discuss the rise of Biomim Deeptech and the launch of the Biomim'Invest project in a dedicated programme.

Finally, because creativity can be provoked, because innovation also involves organisations, by creating conditions that are favourable to the ability to change, we will end the day with a wide-ranging discussion on bio-inspiration applied to management and human organisations.

Each day ends with the "Biomim' after work", an open channel for exchanges between you.


They are breaking new ground in their sectors and proposing disruptive approaches

  • Pierre TuffigoCEO and founder of ELWAVE / SElectromagnetic detection system for navigation inspired by the "electrical sense" of vision of certain fish in dark waters.
  • Laurent de CrastoAgronomist, oenologist, co-founder of Immunrise Biocontrol / Bio-pesticipes inspired by micro-algae to ensure crop protection by stimulating the plants' natural defences or by acting on pathogens.
  • Marion Canalefounder of CEARITIS / Winner of the Biomim'Challenge 2017, the project has now become a company. Treating the olive tree with a natural bio-inspired treatment, news and perspectives.
  • Harold GuilleminCEO of FinXthe new bio-inspired marine propulsion.
  • Laurent MauriceDirector of Operations PUSH4M / the biomimetic muscle
  • Dominique MachefertFounder of Eco Life Group / The power of ozonated water

D08#02 11.30am - 1pm [ FINAL OF THE BIOMIM'CHALLENGE 2020

The competition of bio-inspired projects, presented during the Biomim'expo / Biomim'week and pitched in the final live on the TV set during this special show.

10 projects presented!

Each participant has 3 minutes for a presentation and a few minutes for questions and answers.

The jury deliberates live and gives its ranking after the candidates have passed.

  • Co-presented by Pauline Millot, CSR & Innovation Officer, BU France Renewables at ENGIE and Alain Renaudinfounder of NewCorp Consulting and Biomim'expo.
  • During the jury's deliberation, a look back at the Biom'Impact Tour and the Créathon carried out in the first half of the year, with Phil Becquetthe Tour's host (an initiative and operation in partnership with make_sense / Ceebios / NewCorp Conseil).

Thanks to our Biomim'Challenge 2020 Jury


Bio-inspired innovations with impact are in full development. We will discuss this with a panel of frontline actors. It will also be an opportunity to present and discuss the launch of Biomim'InvestA new initiative to reveal, evaluate, support and develop bio-inspired companies and innovations, by a multidisciplinary group of investors, coaches and entrepreneurs of the Bio-Inspired Economy, at the service of future innovations of the Biomim Deeptech. 

Moderator and contributor :

With Stakeholders including investment and support structures, but also research organisations and industrialists, ... a new pioneering collective that will bring tomorrow's bio-inspired innovations.

  • Géraldine GandveauMarketing and Communication Manager 3DEXPERIENCE LabOpen Innovation Laboratory of Dassault Systèmes
  • Delphine BouvierOpen innovation - R&D strategic partnerships sustainable development, L'Oréal
  • Audrey DevidalHead of Promotion, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN), Directorate-General for Research, Expertise, Valorisation and Education-Training (DGD-REVE)
  • Franck SylvainCEO EEL ENERGYthe undulating tidal turbine.
  • Johann Fournil, Marketing, Communication & Partnerships Director, M2i Life Sciences, the biocontrol solution to protect crops, forests and gardens using pheromone mating disruption as a substitute for pesticides.
  • Pierre le BlainvauxPresident Technofounders, co-founder of BIOINSPIR, c100% biosourced molecule of interest for the cosmetics and fine chemicals sectors.


How can the study of living organisms also teach us management and organisational lessons and ideas to stimulate our creativity, adaptability and innovation?

  • Emmanuelle Joseph-Daillyanthropologist, teacher at the Grandes Ecoles, Director of the Research and Forecasting Lab of the Julhiet Sterwen Group.

Methodologies and innovation laboratories to bring your company back into harmony with the living world and learn from it

  • Pierre GérardFounding Director, Regards Mêlés, Sylvomimicry
  • Xavier PineauFounder and Consultant, Amacytemeaning leadership, and Anna MatardAssociate Consultant 
  • Jean-Mary PierreCo-founder of theIEBInstitute for a Bio-animated Company / Taking inspiration from the living to manage people
  • Emmanuel DelannoyFounding Partner of PIKAIA / Organisational resilience

D08#05 16:30 - 18:00 [CIRCULAB WORKSHOP _ The Business Resilience Game


Living and Living Tomorrow

Our cities are the habitat of our species, for two thirds of humanity in 2050. These urban ecosystems, which accelerate global warming and pollution, can be rethought, reinvented and redesigned according to natural models that are conducive to ecosystem benefits.

How, especially in cities where we have become particularly isolated from nature, can we rethink our spaces and habitats by and for living things?

We will deal with the return of nature to the city, its forms, its concrete and ecosystemic interests, the need for reconnection and re-cohabitation. Numerous examples will illustrate the innovative approaches in terms of architecture and urban planning, but also in terms of construction and equipment.

To live in nature in the city.

Each day ends with the "Biomim' after work", an open channel for exchanges between you.

D09#01 9.30am - 11am [ MORE LIVES IN CITIES

"ARCHIBIOTIC" = ARCHItecture + BIO mimicry + ICT Information and Communication Technologies

When cities dream of being biomimetic and resilient

  • Penelope KomitèsDeputy Mayor of Paris in charge of innovation and attractiveness.
  • Pierre DarmetCo-founder of CIBI BiodivercityMarketing and Innovation Director Les jardins de Gally
  • Jérôme Lhote, Facilitator & Trainer La Fresque du Climat, pilot of the system "The Climate Mandate "(for elected officials and municipal or territorial teams)
  • Olivier WinockCEO Company NAT'H Nature-Harmony

Towards nourishing cities: urban agriculture, how to draw inspiration from ecosystems?

  • Nicolas Belco-founder of Topager
    • Urban biomimicry, or how to imitate ecosystems for a new multi-scale approach to rooftop agriculture. Feedback from experiences.

You can also find on the website the Paris Agricole exhibition with the help of the photographer Giovanni Del Brenna and the media partner Agri City Info. Click on the image to access it. 

D09#02 11.30am - 1pm [ ARCHITECTURE REINVENTED 

How does bio-inspiration help to imagine a new wave architecture?


When biomimicry proposes life as the new specification for project managers

  • Annette Esnault-FiletProject Manager, Soletanche Bachy.
  • Nicolas Vernoux-Thélotthe founding architect of IN SITU ARCHITECTURE / Presentation of theChurch of Nianing in Senegal, an example of bio-inspired architecture
  • Erik GuilleminCEO AMS R&D Wavera / The power of marine corrugation for new generation industrial pumps.
  • Sidney RostanFounder & CEO, Bioxegy
  • Olivier Lemoine, Biodiversity Director ELAN conseil en immobilier - Responsible value creator
    • When scientific ecology inspires the sustainable city: functional concepts and examples of projects carried out.
  • Clément TheryDirector of Innovation, member of Comex, OGIC

Rethink the city as an ecosystem by drawing inspiration from the way nature functions and reintegrating it through a biodiversity approach 

  • Philippe ClergeauProfessor at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, consultant in urban biodiversity and ecological urban planning
    • Why and how to create biodiversity cities?

D09#04 5pm - 5.30pm [ 3D IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE

D09#05 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm [ SYLVOMIMETIME WORKSHOP


From research and knowledge to industrial applications ...

This day will reveal amazing and diverse bio-inspired research actors and projects, including a special interview to talk about the next generation materials that life inspires for tomorrow.

From research to industry and applications, this is the challenge of the coming years of biomimicry. Creating these bridges and this capacity to change scale in order to move on to the next era, the experts of the day will give their testimonies, their solutions and their paths for the future.

Perhaps more surprisingly, we will also go back in time to listen to the dinosaurs who, through palaeobiomimicry, still have things to tell us, for those who know how to listen.

Training and education will be discussed with the most advanced schools on the subject of biomimicry, who will also explain why a new generation of students is so interested in biomimicry.

Finally, we will discover, through a gallery of testimonies, some examples of jobs that we may not know enough about.

Each day ends with the "Biomim' after work", an open channel for exchanges between you.


Materials, a field of excellence in the living world, a breeding ground for tomorrow's innovations

  • Laurent Billon, Master Bio-inspired Materials ; Coordinator of the ITN EJD Project eSCALED ; Deputy director of IPREM UMR 5254 / State of the art and perspectives

Gallery of bio-inspired innovations, research and industrial applications

  • Emmanuel RoyPresident & CEO of Eden Tech
    • Ultra-compact and economical microfluidic technologies inspired by nature for disruptive innovations (Biomim Deeptech) to transport and filter fluids in all industrial fields. 
  • Loïc DeyraHead of Partnerships and Collaborative Projects, Alphanov
    • From lab to industry: the potential of laser technologies for the fabrication of multifunctional bioinspired surfaces .
  • Jian-Sheng SunProfessor, Director. National Museum of Natural History (MNHN), Department of Life Adaptations.
    • Illustration of some examples of the main research themes of the labs of the Bio-inspire Museum programme.
  • Carole Duboc, Director of Research CNRS, Labex ArcaneGrenoble University School of Chemistry, Biology and Health
    • How to produce hydrogen and sequester CO2 like the living?
  • Lucie CouturierBiomimicry Research Manager, Advanced Research L'Oréal
    • Projects and feedback on the establishment of a dedicated bio-inspired research team at the heart of L'Oréal's advanced research, in support of the "L'Oréal for the future" objectives. Sharing (for the first time) of the working and organisational methodology developed.

D10#02 11.30am - 12.30pm [ DINOSAURS HAVE THINGS TO TELL US

Discovering the incredible teachings of the Paleobiomimicry ". When the very distant past resurfaces and reveals to us incredible capacities and aptitudes, capable of responding to our challenges today and inspiring the innovations of tomorrow! You will be very surprised by this journey through time that makes the past speak.

  • Romain Garrouste, Researcher, collection manager, lecturer, Institut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité, CNRS (MNHN)
  • Alexandra HoussayeDirector of Research, CNRS at the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN)


Discovering the new courses offered by the pioneering biomimicry schools

  • Johan VerstraeteDirector, ESME Sudria
    • How to train engineering students in biomimicry for the industry of the future
  • Geneviève SengissenHead of Continuing Education, ENSCI - Les Ateliers
    • Drawing inspiration from nature and the living world to change design methods and tools, and training new generations of project managers: The Nature-Inspired Design® (N.I.D) Master's degree, the first Biomimicry & Design certification.
  • Sophie MothréDirector of Innovative Projects, Referent of the environment minor, SUP'BIOTECH
  • Paul JouanInterior Architecture & Design Pedagogical Manager
     LISAA Paris
  • Nathalie RaveauHead of national pedagogical engineering projects IGS Group and Pedagogical Expert HEP EDUCATION
  • Hugo BachellierCeebios, Training Officer & Network Coordinator to support the structuring of a coherent training offer on the French territory.
  • Naël ChekafStudent of the master Bio-Inspired Materials of the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour

D10#04 16:30 - 18:10 [TESTIMONIALS

5 portraits-interviews for 5 professions that shape the bio-inspiration of today and tomorrow

"Like at home", informal and intimate discussions with researchers, lab directors, company managers, teachers, designers, architects, farmers, etc. to exchange and discover their jobs, passions and careers.

The pitch: at the end of a family lunch, a niece or a cousin in the first year of secondary school who is wondering about his future takes you aside, he knows more or less where you work but doesn't really have a precise idea, and as he was told on the way here "but if you do, take advantage of it to ask him, he'll be there", he takes the plunge. You are both sitting down, and not really knowing where to start, he asks you "but by the way, what is your job?" ... the rest is up to you ....

16h30 - JOB ... "RESEARCHER - BUTTERFLY HUNTER. How and why does one become passionate about the optical properties of materials? And how does one end up chasing Morphos butterflies in the Amazon? And how do you prepare for such excursions? With whom are they organised? What is the daily life of a physics professor working on surface nanostructures? Do we suck at the genius of living materials? Serge BerthierProfessor of Physics at the University of Paris-Diderot; researcher at the Paris Institute of Nanosciences.

16h50 - JOB ... "BIO-INSPIRED DESIGNER. If it is not always easy to define biomimicry, do you know how to define design? ... and the job of a designer? ... Guillian GravesThe designer, president of BigBangProject, will present his career path and his daily activities in order to draw inspiration from the living world, to eco-design, and to translate this into an innovative and operational way for industrialists, in response to their challenges and needs for use.

17h10 - JOB ... "FARMER RESEARCHER. How can we constantly seek to reconcile organic farming and soil regeneration? How can we meet the challenges of carbon storage, water, biodiversity, etc., but also health and taste in our plates? How to convert a conventional farm to innovative and constantly improving practices? Félix NobliaA pioneer in organic conservation agriculture who will tell you about his career, his progress and his vision of the agro-ecological transition. A pioneer of Organic Conservation Agriculture who will tell you about his career, his progress and his vision of the agroecological transition. Félix Noblia is also vice-president of Fermes d'avenir.

17h30 - BUSINESS  "ECOLOGICAL. A term you hear more and more often, ecologists are more and more often associated, consulted, but in concrete terms, what do they do? where do they come from? are they militants or technicians? what is their role?  Blanche GomezThe President of AFIE, the French Interprofessional Association of Ecologists, will tell you all about this new breed of partners at the service of your future projects.

17h50 - JOB ... "NATIONAL NATURE RESERVE CONSERVATOR. This is surely a dream job! ... but also with difficulties? stress? joys? struggles? Studying nature, protecting it, observing it, living in it, but how does one become a conservator of a natural area? what is the career path? what are the missions? who decides what? how do you reconcile the different stakeholders? (a political and diplomatic job too?) ... Pascal Provosta biologist by training and an ornithologist, curator of the Sept-Îles National Nature Reserve (created with the help of the LPO in 1912!!) will tell you all about it and you will learn a lot from a passionate person with an encyclopaedic knowledge!

D10#05 16:30 - 18:00 [ WORKSHOP THE GAME OF LIFE


For a regenerative tomorrow of biodiversity, life and hope.

Inspired by living things and protecting them, yes... repairing, restoring, regenerating, even better.

Regenerative approaches are developing and encourage us. Protecting is no longer enough, we must rebuild, recolonise, and give back to biodiversity all the vitality that is its strength and our future. A beautiful gallery of terrestrial and marine regenerative approaches will demonstrate the sometimes surprising results that we are also capable of producing. And because sometimes it is unfortunately necessary to clean up before restoring, a few bold and innovative initiatives in this field will be explained and highlighted.

To continue to open up and connect biomimicry to other approaches with which it obviously has an interest in entering into a symbiosis, and to cross silos, we will also talk about the regenerative economy, the circular economy, eco-design, etc.

Tomorrow is still possible, and we will close this Biomim'week with the prospect of a future that is favourable to life and mankind, and that brings hope.

Each day ends with the "Biomim' after work", an open channel for exchanges between you.

D11#01 9.30am - 11am [ REGENERATE

Time is no longer just for protection, but for repairing, regenerating, reconnecting ... current experiments show faster and more encouraging results than we think.

  • Thierry DutoitDirector of Research at the CNRS, Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Marine and Continental Ecology (IBME)
    • Harvester ants as an ally of living soil.
  • Alice VitouxIndependent engineer - Climat&Ocean
    • Trainer of the Climate Fresco and Creator of the Ocean Fresco
  • François BriantPresident and founder of the Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry
    • Presentation of the coral regenerative nursery.
  • Julien DalleEcological Engineering Project Manager at SEABOOST
    • Presentations and updates on numerous ongoing projects in regenerative approaches to marine biodiversity and coastal protection.
  • Jérémy Gobéartist, Founder of Artifact coral
    • An unlikely meeting that gave rise to a unique project, combining art, science, industry and education to save the coral reefs.

All centaurs! In Praise of Hybridization Or how can we think about nature?

  • By Gabrielle HalpernDoctor of Philosophy; graduate of the École normale supérieure and associate researcher; author

D11#02 11.30am - 1pm [ DEPOLLUTE 

Spotlight on citizens' and entrepreneurs' initiatives ....

  • Clara Martin, Baptiste Jagoury, Thomas Gestel, Cretan Tristanrepresentatives of the Estaca student collective on the project Green Turtle / The turtle robot that tracks plastic waste
  • Sébastien MaréchalFounder H2OPE / Innovative solution for waste collection in the water
  • Yannick LeratOceanographer, Scientific Director of The SeaCleaners / The Manta: a giant of the seas against pollution
  • Simon BernardCEO & Co-Founder Plastic Odyssey / Fighting plastic pollution at sea by acting at the source: the land!
  • Jean-Michel ScheurenCo-founder of Novobiom / Innovative ecological solutions for the remediation and bioremediation of contaminated soils offering an alternative to physical, chemical and thermal treatments.




Circular, low-carbon, social, mission-based economy... the economy is also hybridising to be resilient and regenerative for the future

  • Claude GrisonScientific Director BIOINSPIRDirector of Research CNRS, University of Montpellier / Bioinspir : creator of 100% biosourced molecules of interest for the cosmetics and fine chemicals sectors.

Mixed approaches for collective methodological intelligence

  • Justine Laurent or Brieuc Saffréco-founders of Circulab
    • You too can go circular! How to think of combined and virtuous approaches between eco-design, bio-inspiration and circular economy? To innovate and rethink your habits and models
  • Léa ZaslavskyCo-founder of makesense
    • When biomimicry and the social and solidarity economy meet to generate impact entrepreneurship.
  • Christophe SachsFounder / Captain of the project Gaiarta
    • Mixed approaches for collective methodological intelligence!
  • Timothée QuellardCo-founder of ekodev and BBR Biodiversity EKODEV
    • Why and how can companies concretely participate in the regeneration of ecosystems?

D11#05 16:30 - 17:30  [ CHORAL CLOSURE

Closing of the event. A final word on emerging trends, our perspectives and utopias. But above all happening with surprise guests and revelation of the event on the BACKSTAGE side ...