Ceebios, Centre of studies & expertise and National network of industrial & academic actors. We accelerate the ecological and societal transition through biomimicry.

Ceebios accelerates the societal transition through biomimicry by federating a network of expert actors and by developing the resources necessary for the appropriation of the approach by the academic, institutional and private sectors.

As a centre of research and expertise, we support projects, develop tools and structure the approach in France. All our missions and activities are based on these objectives.

Internationally, many academic and private actors are working on bio-inspired products and processes. Asian countries and the United States are by far the most effective contributors, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and finally France.

Germany is leading the way in networked biomimetic research. Since 2001, the German state has invested more than 100 million euros in biomimetic R&D, resulting today in centres of excellence in the field of bio-inspired materials and structures that have no other equivalent in the world. The Swiss national agency launched in 2015 its first inter-university centre (bringing together the universities of Freiburg, EPFL and ETH Zurich) dedicated to bio-inspired materials, to the tune of 26 million euros.

In France, more than 180 research units have been identified on the subject of biomimicry. More than sixty companies, both large groups and SMEs, use this approach, whatever their sector of activity: energy, construction, materials, cosmetics, etc. Nevertheless, France is seriously lagging behind in the funding of biomimicry research, in the federation and in the setting in motion of its national skills, which are necessary for the transfer of technologies from fundamental research to industry.

Through its role as a network, interface and support for innovative R&D projects, Ceebios aims to catalyse the wealth of national skills in the academic world, teaching and industrial R&D.

The Ceebios was born from an initiative of the city of Senlis.

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