Biomim'expo is for everyone! ... and more particularly to the public who are interested in these themes of innovation and the environment:

  • Researchers, scientists and R&D teams
  • Executives and managers (large companies, start-ups, VSEs and specialised SMEs)
  • Representatives of public bodies
  • Economists, sociologists and academics

This includes:

  • Biomimicry/biotechnology/greenbusiness networks
  • Sustainable development/ESR networks and departments
  • The research directorates
  • Marketing/communication/strategy departments
  • Territorial networks
  • Environmental associations
  • Professional federations
  • Investors and development consultants.

Biomim'expo audiences :

You are a large company and wish to share and develop your work and thoughts, meet other actors, get inspired, find new solutions, get off the beaten track...

You are a startup in search of development, partnerships, investors, clients: come and exhibit, show what you do, talk about your projects, meet partners, clients, suppliers, stakeholders, promote yourself!

You are researchers, scientistsIf you are a researcher, a researcher in a laboratory, and you are keen to explain your approach, to accelerate your work, to find applications: come and share your thoughts with colleagues, find industrial partners, convince the public authorities, talk about yourself!

You are electedIf you are a local authority or a public organisation wishing to develop your attractiveness or to find actors of change: Biomim'expo will provide you with a pool of candidates, partners and demonstrators of innovative approaches to think differently about the city of tomorrow, territorial ecosystems and growth models!

You are investor and are looking for opportunities: at Biomim'expo you will find future-oriented, high-potential, technological, innovative and reconciling projects.

You are school, university, research centreAt Biomim'expo, you will certainly find a well-informed and attentive audience.

... you are simply citizenIf you are a consumer, a student, a user or an administrator and you are interested in this exciting but still somewhat enigmatic approach, Biomim'expo will provide you with explanations and illustrations and will enable you to get in touch with those who make and apply biomimicry.