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Knowledge test and animation game on biomimicry.

The brochure NewCorp Consulting Biomim'QUIZ

Idea Biomimicry is rich in astonishing examples that will arouse the curiosity of your internal audiences. It is also a formidable communication and mobilisation tool for the rediscovery of biodiversity.

Principle A "Who wants to win Biomim?" style event that is both fun and educational to discover biomimicry and biodiversity.

Animation and materials The audience can be divided into teams or play individually / 2 facilitators / 1 projection screen.
The facilitator asks the question and gives the floor to the first team/person to answer.
For each example, a pedagogical explanation is provided around the correct answer and the bio-inspired story.
At the end of the quiz, the team/person with the most correct answers wins the game.

Target audience no prior preparation or special skills, works very well with all types of people (administrative, marketing, communication, research, sales, etc.)

Timing Between 20 and 30' per sequence of 15 questions.

Options The animation can be carried out alternately with the Biomim'MEMORY game and be accompanied/extended by the Biomim'INSIDE exhibition, a Biomim'SCOPE conference, the book gallery and workshops.

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