Will you find the symbiotic associations?

The brochure NewCorp Conseil Biomim'MEMORY

A game of memory and associations between inspiring nature and bio-inspired techno.

Idea Biomimicry is knowing how to make associations between what nature tells us and teaches us, and the application we can draw from it. Biomim'MEMORY consists of cards on the front (nature side) and back (technology side), which you will have to memorise and associate. A fun and educational activity to discover biomimicry and biodiversity.

Principle In the manner of a giant memory game, the cards are laid out face down to start with. You have to turn them over two by two until you succeed in associating the Nature image with the corresponding Innovation image.

Animation and materials The audience can be divided into teams or play individually / 2 facilitators / 1 space on the floor of approximately 3m x 4m. We play each in turn and we play again if we find a "symbiosis".
For each symbiosis revealed, an educational explanation is provided.
The team/individual who has put together the most symbioses wins the game.

Target audience no prior preparation or special skills, works very well with all types of people (administrative, marketing, communication, research, sales, etc.)

Timing Between 20 and 30' per game of 30 cards (15 pairs).

Options : the animation can be carried out alternately with the Biomim'QUIZ game and be accompanied/extended by the Biomim'INSIDE exhibition, a Biomim'SCOPE conference, the book-gallery and workshops.

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