Drawing inspiration from the living world to manage and steer your strategy and your teams

Principles :

Principle: Beyond research and technological applications, biomimicry is also (and perhaps above all) a question of attitude, openness, aptitude for creativity, a different way of collaborating and thinking about tomorrow's ideas. The Biomim'way makes it possible to open up biomimicry to all teams, to strategy and to foresight.

Questions inspired by the principles of life management :

  • How do you use your collective intelligence?
  • Have you optimised your networks?
  • Do you have the right sensors to be sensitive to the world, responsive and adaptive?
  • Do you work for mutual and symbiotic benefits with your partners?
  • Do you work in a circular, renewable and short circuit economy?
  • Will you be able to adapt?

A management tool Biomimicry is a meaningful and valuable approach that goes beyond being a research method. The living world teaches the virtues of sharing, beneficial interdependence and the ecosystemic approach to increase its chances of performance and resilience. Moreover, by "rediscovering" living things, biomimicry is also a tool for raising awareness
to biodiversity and ecology, from a totally innovative, revisited and exciting angle, another way of talking about and engaging with CSR issues.

A compass Biomimicry as the expression of a philosophy, a posture towards living beings, and a method to be in environmental and social resonance with the world around us.

For all Biomimicry: Through the expression of its universal values and the revisited attitude it proposes, biomimicry concerns all teams, as a tool for creativity and a common project.

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