NewCorp Consulting's offers on biomimicry

In addition to the major annual Biomim'expo event, and its ad hoc strategic consulting and communication services, NewCorp Conseil has also developed a whole range of offers on the theme of biomimicry based on our continuous strategic monitoring work and our expertise in corporate consulting and change management.

The brochure NewCorp Conseil Biomimétisme - brochure

The Biomim'INSIDE turnkey exhibition

Produced for the Biomim'expo event, and already available in book form, the gallery of examples of bio-inspired innovations is now available for display in your home and for your employees, partners and customers.

The Biomim'BOOK

The first guide to actors and stakeholders in biomimicry and bio-inspiration.


The Biomim'review educational boards

NewCorp Conseil produces editorial and educational content to tell, illustrate and share the stories of bio-inspired innovations. A true series that reveals and inspires.

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The book gallery

The Biomim'review watch has been published in the form of a book-gallery, which offers a series of illustrated and explained example sheets of bio-inspired innovations.
Open format 21×59.4 (double A4 in landscape), 48 illustrations in all areas.
Limited edition.


The Biomim'SCOPE conference

The conference that explains, reveals and illustrates the scope of biomimicry. A tour of biomimicry to establish the basics, definitions and philosophy; to illustrate the approach with a series of concrete examples; to explain the technological and economic accelerators that make it a perennial, meaningful and forward-looking trend.