Biomim'expo 2022

Wow! What an incredible and historic edition 2022! ... the whole team sends a huge and very warm "M E R C I " ... to all the participants, partners, exhibitors, presenters, speakers ... for these two magnificent days ... positive, exciting, energizing, comforting, energizing ... Nature inspires us, and this collective energy transports us!

For the past 7 years, Biomim'expo has been a collective adventure, a challenge and a wager, a trek along the paths of inspiring biodiversity. Each year, we win this challenge as a team, and we are infinitely grateful to you.

See you soon for the continuation of this wonderful journey.

Thank you Romain Troublé for having given us the immense pleasure of coming to tell us about Tara Océan, just off his last expedition ... and good luck to Roland Jourdain who came to greet us magnificently at the end of the event from his boat We Explore in Saint-Malo in preparation for his departure for the Route du Rhum, for a new race, that of environmental performance.

Thank you for all your testimonies and words of thanks received throughout these two days and which continue to arrive, we are very moved and touched.

More than ever!

In spite of these troubled times, we are still on course to project ourselves into the future, even more ardently than ever! We need and want to rediscover other possibilities, other horizons, other solutions. The living can become our best ally. Let us rediscover, with the force of evidence, the interest in reconnecting our destiny to nature, in taking the living as a model of resilience, in questioning ourselves and in projecting ourselves towards a future other than our past.

Despite the difficulties, we have always managed to keep this event going, and we are determined to be even stronger and more numerous in 2022.

To demonstrate the relevance of this approach, share it with as many people as possible, promote research and the positive, inspiring and comforting actions of the actors and stakeholders.

In order to invent tomorrow's world with and through the living, to continue this exploratory journey along this path of biomimicry and bio-inspiration.

Thank you for your loyalty and support. We hope you are well, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

A unique event

Biomim'expo has already become the reference event on biomimicry and bio-inspiration.

With no other equivalent in the world, Biomim'expo brings together experts and players from all scientific disciplines and all sectors of activity. But beyond this incredible gathering of transversal and diverse expertise, Biomim'expo is also a state of mind and a special atmosphere, an invitation to reenchantment and rediscovery of nature, a proposal to reconnect, to take living organisms and their resilience strategies as a source of technological, philosophical, political and human inspiration.

A large gathering to show and demonstrate other fields of possibility, to gather positive energies, desires to do, benevolence, listening and curiosity, for the world and for others

The somewhat crazy gamble of Biomim'expo, of this gathering outside of silos, on this approach that is both ancient and full of future, is every year a small miracle thanks to you. It is our interactions that will make us creative and resilient. 

Biomim'expo more than ever in 2022 to build the world of tomorrow inspired by the world of always, the life!

A major forum open to all the public, actors and stakeholders, through a rich programme of conferences, workshops, demonstrations, debates, exhibitions, exchange and discussion areas. An unparalleled configuration and an exceptional showcase in terms of impact, awareness and visibility for biomimicry, for actors, stakeholders and partners.

Press release. Why biomimicry is a path to the future and a route to excellence and innovation.

Biomimicry ?

A real opportunity for the future, biomimicry is a fast-growing approach with strong multi-sectoral potential, at the heart of the disruptive innovation strategies of many companies, research centres and innovative businesses, because it is at the heart of the new transition underway: saving energy; working in short circuits; reducing waste; rethinking agriculture; preferring circular to linear; fighting global warming; making our housing, cities and territories resilient; combining growth and biodiversity; working and communicating in open and collegial systems; ... breaking out of silos to innovate through decompartmentalised approaches, inspired by 3.8 billion years of R&D of living things!

Biomimicry is a forgotten fact of life, which is resurfacing with the limits of the affluent economy, the rise of scientific capabilities and the acceleration of societal expectations.

Biomim'expo is the major annual gathering of actors and stakeholders in biomimicry and approaches inspired by Nature to innovate and create the conditions for a renewed and sustainable development model.

The meeting place for all those who are looking to innovate by listening to the environment in order to respect it more, and listening to other disciplines in order to get off the beaten track, who are already working on approaches based on biomimicry or are simply interested in it and want to know more, who are keen to develop their network and find development opportunities.

A meeting point between scientists, researchers, engineers, politicians, entrepreneurs, financiers, etc.; between biologists, physicists, chemists, urban planners, architects, ecologists, philosophers, sociologists, etc.; between large groups, start-ups, public bodies, schools, universities, research centres, etc., because exchange and multiculturalism are innovation accelerators.

Biomim'expo, the meeting place to propose to rethink our development model and move towards the Bio-Inspired Economy.

Biomim'expo fulfils its mission of revealing the growing interest in biomimicry which, more than ever, opens up astonishing and innovative perspectives.

The replays Biomim'expo - are here.

And two news items - two books that have just been reissued! :

Biomim'BOOK 2021

The directory of biomimicry actors.

Information and orders

The Book Gallery

Stories of bio-inspired innovation.

Information and orders

The success of Biomim'expo demonstrates again and again not only the scientific and technological interest in drawing inspiration from nature, but also how this approach is becoming a political, strategic and industrial issue; a proposal for reconnecting man and nature; an original tool for raising awareness of biodiversity; and an opportunity for France to position itself in the service of climate and environmental issues.

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