The Killer Quiz

Many of you have asked for it ... so here is the "Killer Quiz" and its Killer Kit to play at home, with your colleagues, friends, family ...

The video :

A little provocative exercise to show that we have lost touch with nature, we have become disconnected, we no longer know or recognise it, and this is perhaps ultimately both the problem and the explanation of our issues, since it is so difficult to take care of and be inspired by something we have forgotten and no longer even know. But it is also good news: by putting ourselves back in the position of a student in front of the living, by getting back in touch, we will rediscover to what extent nature is the ally of our common destiny.

And here is the kit to be able to do it yourself, to start a meeting, to challenge, to discuss, ...

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And at the bottom of the page, the downloadable pdf of the ready-to-use slide show (including the answers).

The full pdf : The Killer Quiz_by NewCorp Conseil

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