Biomim'expo is growing and opening up to new partners to support its development.

Supporting Biomim'expo means being a pioneer in an innovative and exciting approach, sometimes disruptive, always unifying and inspiring, in positive resonance with the challenges and desires of our time: reenchanting and reinventing the world ... by taking inspiration from the world, our world.

A unique event on a universal and unifying approach, exciting and positive, booming and carrying values at the confluence of ecology, biodiversity, but also economy, science, technology and philosophy.

Contact the organisation to discuss together the best possible collaboration and the relevant overall strategy to be put in place with you.

Biomim'expo is an atypical and composite group of partners, bringing together public and private, academic and industrial players, to break out of silos, mix skills and profiles, and innovate by taking inspiration from nature... and from others.

The economic model is shared for a collegial and co-piloted event, demanding financially, in quality and in technical, logistical and human investments.

Biomim'expo is based on collective financing, provided by a group of partners who wish to make this event possible and to be associated with this emerging and meaningful theme. Biomim'expo has already become the leading event for biomimicry, and the increasing popularity of the event each year demonstrates the growing attraction of this approach, which is at the crossroads of science and industry and resonates with the expectations of today's world. To accompany the development of Biomim'expo, NewCorp Conseil is seeking to intensify the current partnerships and to open the event to new complementary and equally motivated partners ! There is still so much to discover and reveal!

Why partner with this new event?

Biomimicry is an emerging approach, full of meaning and promise. Supporting this approach and this event is to be part of a perspective, a dynamic, to state one's philosophy, convictions and interests, and to be associated with a pioneering collective.

Seeing your brand/identity associated with Biomim'expo means understanding that you are interested in the theme of Biodiversity - Social Issues - Innovation, in the relationship between Science, Ecology, Technology, Innovation and Industry, in the link between Man and Nature. It is to say that you are interested in all these issues, it is to position yourself as a voluntary pioneer, it is to arouse curiosity, to question your professions, actions and projects, it is to talk about you from a new angle, sometimes unknown, which does not only say what you do but why you do it. It is also an opportunity to develop your attractiveness and employer-brand image among young graduates of higher education and research.

Seeing you means knowing that research in these fields interests you, and so you are 'spotted' as a potential partner-client-supplier for researchers, labs, start-ups, industrialists, public authorities, etc. You simply become an identified, eligible, frequent contact. Obviously, the more clearly your messages and priority issues are perceived, the greater the potential flow. Joining Biomim'expo means being a potential partner for innovative projects in the field of bio-inspiration.

Interns are your first ally, your first audience, and your first customer: show and explain your partnership and take advantage of the incredible power of seduction, awareness and mobilisation of biomimicry.

Biodiversity and Biomimicry are linked. Showing your interest in bio-inspiration means talking about your CSR/DD commitments. Being a partner of Biomim'expo inevitably means talking about these issues, and putting bio-inspired research and innovation at the service of CSR/SD objectives. While there is often talk of the possible and necessary reconciliation between ecology and economy, it is not always easy to demonstrate. Biomimicry is a demonstrator of this.

Biomimicry is a theme that is still not very well taken up, so the "share of voice" effect is important. In other words, a strong attribution given a low dilution: people will see you, they will know that you are there and a partner. Being a partner means increasing the network effect, which is essential in this particular field of biomimicry to develop partnerships and opportunities.

As a partner, take advantage of the event to talk, invite, show and explain your actions and projects to your stakeholders. The theme of biomimicry with which you are associated through your support is a fantastic vector to bring resonance and meaning to your messages.

For the partners associated with the event, there is no need to be an "expert" in biomimicry, but rather to take advantage of the following multiple interests:

  • To be associated with a new and innovative approach as a precursor, revealing a new possible field of investigation and solutions.
  • To offer some insight into his vision, his search for new solutions and innovations.
  • Be part of a collective rather than individual approach, involving scientists, industrialists, large and small companies, associations, the private sector and the public sector, and breaking down silos.
  • To position and pre-empt an innovative and still quite "new" field.
  • Promote your research and innovation (sometimes the poor relation of institutional communication).
  • Take advantage of co-financing, thus a shared cost.
  • Through the partnership, provide an educational discourse explaining the reasons for the involvement or interest.
  • Exploit this news and its supports to make yourself visible and take advantage of the fallout in terms of notoriety and image. By broadcasting to partners or clients, by organising a side event, by giving echo to certain announcements, etc.
  • Joining actions that may echo your projects and commitments.

With your support to Biomim'expo and according to your contribution :

  • Dedicated pre-event preparation meeting to optimise visibility and networking; and post-event debriefing to capitalise and generate spin-offs.
  • Your logo on the operation's website
  • Mention as a partner organisation of Biomim'expo
  • Visibility on the contents addressed to the target audiences during the promotion of the event
  • Visibility on social networks
  • Prominence on the "partners" page of the operation's website through a dedicated page: name, logo, institutional paragraph, any specific information related to biomimicry, link to your website or page of your choice.
  • Visibility on the slideshows shown during the event and on the transition screens
  • Visibility on the materials given to visitors
  • Posting on information boards mentioning the partners during the event.
  • Mention in the press kit of the operation, which will be given to, or sent to, interested journalists, stakeholders, the President of the Republic and various members of the government.
  • Whenever possible, referral to you of journalists requesting information, before, during or after the event.
  • Wherever possible, exchanges between you and the authorities in the event of official visit(s).
  • Right to use the Biomim'expo brand and logo to mention your partnership, for example to invite your employees, clients, partners and stakeholders.
  • Quota of tickets for your teams
  • Quota of invitations in your colours for your clients, partners and stakeholders
  • Integration into the Biomim'expo Partners' College, the flow of exchanges and the resulting network benefits.

How to join the Biomim'expo Partners' College

Biomim'expo® is the initiative of the NewCorp Conseil agency, which is responsible for its organisation and financial balance. The operation was set up using a crowdfunding approach, both for partners and visitors.

It is therefore a collective and shared public-private financing. Unlike a traditional trade show, the spirit of Biomim'expo® is that of a gathering whose costs are shared and fixed. Being a partner of Biomim'expo® also means being associated with a new and collegial enterprise.

The proposed budget is shared between the partners of the operation and does not, of course, correspond to the ad hoc cost of an exclusive service of this nature for the partner. It is also a flat rate for the event and will not be subject to any supplements, except in the case of specific additional requests from the partner, which are agreed together.

Contact the organisation to become a partner

The spirit of Biomim'expo is to adopt a flexible, agile and relatively informal approach so that each partner can make the most of the event and be thanked for its support.

The organiser reserves the right to offer further compensation depending on the opportunities and ideas that may arise from the growth of the event and additional funding.

Speaking at the event depends on the editorial programme which is independent of financial support.


In the spirit of a collaborative and collective event, and to co-construct together the most beneficial, visible and attended event, everyone is encouraged to participate in the promotion of Biomim'expo and also to become an ambassador. It is in the spirit of this event that you should feel that you are co-owners and co-producers, so that this event is also yours. Therefore, you are free to relay information about the event on any possible or useful medium (social networks, website, mention in newsletters, mention in informal discussions, etc.).

And don't forget the internal side: this event is also an opportunity to invite your own teams to inform them or raise their awareness on the theme of biomimicry and innovation inspired by biodiversity.

Finally, your impact and visibility also depend on you: take advantage of Biomim'expo to put yourself forward, to present your achievements or projects, to make an appointment with clients, partners or journalists on site, to issue a press release on a particular announcement... The event is intended to be as unrestricted and unchanging as possible to give you as many opportunities and ideas as possible to showcase your products. You are at home!

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