Gaïarta is a co-creation vessel towards a regenerative futureworking hand in hand with the 8th Pirogue of the "Archipelago of French Biomimicry Schools", a multidisciplinary and passionate working group created at the initiative of CEEBIOS and Gaïarta.

Inspired by photosynthesising organisms and dragonfly wings, in terms of their structure, generation process, aesthetic appeal and symbolism of adaptability to the earth they have inhabited for 300 million years. This sail is being developed to be regenerative, both in terms of its positive impact during its life cycle and through the ecosystem services it will provide and help to develop...

The project was finalist of the Biomim'Challenge 2020. Read the project pitch below:


Contacts :

Christophe Sachs, Founder / Captain, +33 7 55 11 50 22

Edoardo Giacomini, Head of Development at Gaïarta | ESSEC Business School


Let's invent tomorrow's education model today!

HEP EDUCATION is the first independent alliance that already brings together 35 Schools and Training Centres around the H.E.P. values: Humanism, Entrepreneurship, Professionalism.


HEP EDUCATION promotes an activist vision of education that aims to develop learners into accomplished women and men who take their future into their own hands and wish to make a positive contribution to a society of tomorrow based on universal values.


A learning pathway to reveal, develop and enhance Human Competences

  • 20% of curriculum content in schools and training centres dedicated to the development of human competencies An ecosystem of HEP values
  • An approach of action and innovation in openness with the trainers and the teams who carry and transmit the 3 H.E.P. values and with the companies, associations, institutions which participate in learning or which work with us on the educational transition Learning places which facilitate multiple collaborations
  • A rich cross-fertilisation with joint events and teaching times between learners from 13 different trades and collaborative spaces open to all


Since 2018, HEP Education's open innovation unit and its partners (companies, scientists, researchers, sportsmen and women, personalities, experts) have been imagining and experimenting with new educational projects together. Respect for life and eco-responsibility, reasoned artificial intelligence, individual and collective capacity for change, are thus part of the teaching deployed in the Schools and Training Centres members of HEP Education.

Nathalie Raveau's presentation at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020

"Education has a major influence on the future of life, the awareness and the commitments of each individual throughout his or her life. It is the privileged vector that accompanies our capacity to be actors in the world in which we want to live. And this world is changing at an unprecedented rate. The societal, scientific and technological upheavals that we are going to experience in the coming years will, I believe, question even more acutely what constitutes the uniqueness and richness of a human being."Roger Serre, founder and inspiration of HEP Education




Innovation project manager

07 87 25 29 23


Focusing on trees and the forest to find in business new and impactful solutions.

In the heart of a thousand-year-old forest in Auvergne at its climax, populated by pectinated firs and beeches, managers, executives and their teams come to find new paths of action and organisation thanks to the biomimicry experienced in the forest. For them, it may be a question of building their roadmap, of collectively relaunching, innovating, choosing, moving forward together, surviving, transforming, working on their raison d'être (of beech) or giving meaning.

For them, it is a question of decentring and centring on the forest, of being surprised and learning together, to unblock frozen situations, to find a space and time for renewal and serenity, to find balanced, new and original solutions.

4 axes guide the approach:

  • connecting to the livingIt's about energy, about knowing how to be,
  • exploreTo work on its length, its raison d'être, to bring out the new,
  • operateCreate a product, enhance it and recycle it,
  • and cooperateThe aim is to work as a "system echo".

Sylvomimicry was born out of cooperation between experts

  • Charles-Etienne Dupont in forest management and continuous cover silviculture,
  • Pierre Gérard in creativity, hybridization, biomimicry, and the exploration of desirable futures,
  • and Catherine Redelsperger, in leadership, cooperation, systemics and collective intelligence.
... self-portrait
Pierre Gérard's speech at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020




The Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry is an association (law 1901) recognised as a training organisation. It is also an international network of more than 150 active members, with complementary and varied professional expertise, based on the different professions involved in the biomimetic approach: researchers, biologists, designers, engineers, architects....

It also benefits from the support of numerous partners, laboratories, research centres, universities and service providers, thus ensuring continuity in the implementation of the various projects and missions for the development of biomimicry in the Polynesian context.

The Institute focuses on 4 areas of activity:

  • Expedition, Ecotourism and Participatory Sciences. In partnership with Nani-travels, the Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry proposes a 5-day immersion in Polynesian nature and culture. It proposes to explore the Polynesian land and sea nature while discovering the inspiring and innovative power of Biomimicry. Training in the methods and tools of biomimicry is offered for the regeneration of coral ecosystems.
  • Project management and assistance: The institute is committed to supporting companies that call on them to co-construct a Biomimetic project.
  • The In-depth Training is a 1 to 3 day course that introduces participants to the concepts of bioinspired design. Throughout the course, fun workshops, explorations of Polynesian ecosystems and practical design exercises are offered to participants.
  • Biomimicry Initiations: The proposed experiments are there to create wonder and allow participants to better understand the intelligence of nature of which each one is a part. It is not enough to dive into the ocean to discover postcard-perfect landscapes, we must also be inspired by nature, live with it and take it into account in all our projects.

This is how the Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry fights, mainly, against the pollution of the oceans, because the cleaning of waste is not enough. Companies must innovate and create differently. Everyone can contribute to building a new economy based on Nature, innovative and regenerative of our beautiful planet...

François Briant's speech at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020

Focus on a project presented during the Biomim'week 2020 on Friday 11 December morning:

"Biomim4Coral": a bio-inspired coral nursery

The article in Tahiti Infos! 09 SEPT 2020 Biomim4Coral: a plastic-free coral nursery

The team




Join a community mobilised around the major challenges of the 21st century and united by a deep desire for reinvention, a thirst for imagination and a desire for action.

A space for exchanging, deciphering, imagining and creating desirable futures.

Created in 2015, ENGAGE is now structured around two activities:

  • ENGAGE Action launches Citizen Challenges around the major issues of the 21st century
  • ENGAGE University offers programmes around the fundamental knowledge, skills and tools to become a transformational pioneer. In particular, it hosts the Explorers of our Challenges.

ENGAGE opened in 2019 its campus, Bright City, which hosts our multidisciplinary community, conferences and workshops but also projects in fields as diverse as environment, education, AI, information, health.



The fundamental ambition of the Biodiversity Challenge is to put the economy back at the service of life.

Like the other Citizen Challenges developed by ENGAGE, it is the result of joint work between citizens, companies, associations, NGOs and the media.

The Challenge is now embodied in two projects that will take place during 2020:

  • Supporting 5 companies in their transformation into biodiversity allies

  • Launch a campaign to raise awareness of biodiversity issues in the economic and business spheres



Contacts for the Biodiversity Challenge :

Quentin Thomas, Challenges Officer, 06 08 00 41 24,

Laetitia Pfeffer, 06 82 25 30 50,



Biomim'expo is a NewCorp Conseil initiative, brand and event.

NewCorp Conseil, a strategy and communication, CSR and Biomimicry consultancy, took the initiative of creating Biomim'expo to promote biomimicry, to reveal the players and the sector of excellence, and to promote research and innovation.

A HYBRID agency At the crossroads of different paths and expertise, we are both a monitoring and forecasting firm to keep an eye on trends, ideas and innovative approaches; a strategy and communication consultancy to enhance and amplify your commitments, actions and projects; and a societal forecasting agency to analyse opinion, identify weak signals, measure expectations and perceptions, anticipate, understand and respond.

A BIO-INSPIREE agencyThis is a new approach based on the lessons learned from the observation of living organisms and their tremendous capacity for resilience. Drawing inspiration from the living world thus becomes an asset and a lever for innovation and paradigm change, a tool for transition accelerator.

NewCorp Conseil has taken the initiative to create Biomim'expo; it identifies news and market opportunities, helps to identify opportunities, accompanies innovative projects, and puts biomimicry at the service of your innovation and development strategies, as well as internal mobilisation and attractiveness. The agency works in symbiosis with the core expertise of biomimicry, sets up multidisciplinary and creative teams adapted to the projects, and positions and proposes itself as a "particle shaker" to generate new ideas.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :

Videos :

Biomimicry related offers

The NewCorp/Biomim'expo team:

For the Biomim'Challenge :

  • Mia TahanENSCi Les Ateliers trainee at NewCorp Conseil / Biomim'expo,

Art Direction :

  • Florence Garinot, artistic direction
  • Charlotte Domergue, graphic designer

In collaboration with Ceebios:

  • Kalina RaskinGeneral Director of Ceebios
  • Laura MagroDeputy Director for Scientific Development
  • Luce-Marie PetitMaterials Officer
  • Dounia DemsBio-inspired Chemistry and Materials Engineer
  • Estelle CruzHousing Officer
  • Chloé LequetteBiomimetic City Project Manager
  • Anneline Létarddesigner, in charge of design
  • Hugo BachellierTraining Officer and Interregional Facilitator

Contact form:



We are delighted to have once again chosen the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie for the big forum day of Biomim'expo 2020.

Thank you Universcience for your help and your welcome.

The strategy Sustainable Development of Universcience, click here.

Bruno Maquart, President of Universcience, welcomes you to Biomim'expo 2018



Ceebios, Centre of studies & expertise and National network of industrial & academic actors. We accelerate the ecological and societal transition through biomimicry.

Ceebios accelerates the societal transition through biomimicry by federating a network of expert actors and by developing the resources necessary for the appropriation of the approach by the academic, institutional and private sectors.

As a centre of research and expertise, we support projects, develop tools and structure the approach in France. All our missions and activities are based on these objectives.

Internationally, many academic and private actors are working on bio-inspired products and processes. Asian countries and the United States are by far the most effective contributors, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and finally France.

Germany is leading the way in networked biomimetic research. Since 2001, the German state has invested more than 100 million euros in biomimetic R&D, resulting today in centres of excellence in the field of bio-inspired materials and structures that have no other equivalent in the world. The Swiss national agency launched in 2015 its first inter-university centre (bringing together the universities of Freiburg, EPFL and ETH Zurich) dedicated to bio-inspired materials, to the tune of 26 million euros.

In France, more than 180 research units have been identified on the subject of biomimicry. More than sixty companies, both large groups and SMEs, use this approach, whatever their sector of activity: energy, construction, materials, cosmetics, etc. Nevertheless, France is seriously lagging behind in the funding of biomimicry research, in the federation and in the setting in motion of its national skills, which are necessary for the transfer of technologies from fundamental research to industry.

Through its role as a network, interface and support for innovative R&D projects, Ceebios aims to catalyse the wealth of national skills in the academic world, teaching and industrial R&D.

The Ceebios was born from an initiative of the city of Senlis.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :



The Living Game is an animation tool for your creativity sessions.

The aim of the game is to answer a question by stimulating ideas through the example of nature. It is based on 74 examples from the living world, divided into 6 families. The principle of the game is based on analogy, which is an original, intuitive and simple way of using biomimicry.

To be used in many professional contexts:

  • Creativity sessions for innovation, improvement and development of products and services.
  • Facilitation of workshops on the problems of change, transformation and mutation of organisations.
  • Collaborative working meetings to improve the interpersonal relations of a group of actors or a team.

It can also be used for personal development, coaching or as an intuition game

We are two explorers of creativity, Sylvie Sesé and Jasmine Rivolier, from the world of consulting and training, great users of games and our meeting led us to bio-mimicry, the point of connection of our professional and personal paths.

Based on this deep sense of connection with the Living, we created The Living Game based on the principles of bio-mimicry developed by Janine Benyus.

It is a creativity game for consultants, trainers, coaches, managers, professionals in support, innovation and creativity.

" Unlike the industrial revolution, the biomimetic revolution ushers in an era that is not based on what we can take from nature but on what we can learn from it "Janine M. Benyus.

Contribution to Biomim'expo 2021 on 19 OCTOBER: take part in the workshop Le Jeu du Vivant!




Jasmine Rivolier,

Sylvie Sesé,


Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (1955), after secondary studies at the Lycée Condorcet (Paris).

Degree in mathematics, agrégé in physics (1959)

Doctor of Physical Sciences (Orsay 1964)

Professor at the University of Paris Sud, Director of the HMP physical hydrodynamics laboratory (ESPCI) from 1977 to 1988

Director of the Palais de la Découverte from 1987 to 1990

Director of the Ecole normale supérieure from 1990 to 2000

Emeritus professor and researcher at the PMMH laboratory (ESPCI) since 2000

Fellow of the American physical society; Fellow of the Institute of physics.

Member of the Academia Europea.

Author of 300 papers on superconductivity, liquid crystals and soft matter, physical hydrodynamics, granular media and 10 books including

 "Du sac de billes au tas de sable" and "Désordre et mélange" (O. Jacob)
 "Ce que disent les fluides" and "Matière et matériaux" (Belin)
 "La matière en désordre and Matière en grains (EDP Sciences)
 "Du merveilleux caché dans le quotidien - la physique de l'élégance" (Flammarion)