Gilles BOEUF

Gilles Boeuf is the President of the Ceebios.

"I spent 20 years in Brittany, between Douarnenez and Brest, and then left to do my postgraduate thesis at the Institute of Marine Biology in Arcachon for 3 years and defended it at the University of Bordeaux. I was then recruited by the CNEXO in Brest, which became IFREMER in 1985, and spent 20 years in Brest where I defended my State thesis in 1987. I became a professor at the Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris in 1999 but was assigned to its marine station in Banyuls-sur-mer where I spent 10 years as director of the establishment and director of the Unit. I took over the presidency of the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris in 2009 and moved to the Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea in the Cabinet of Ségolène Royal, as scientific advisor in 2015. I was elected visiting professor at the Collège de France in 2013 on the chair "Sustainable development, environment, energy and society". Today I am a professor at Sorbonne University and President of the Scientific Council of the French Agency for Biodiversity.

His full biography on the Collège de France website

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