The association Fermes d'Avenir wishes to bring together, publicise and defend the interests of farms that are meeting the current agricultural and food challenges. Driven by the general interest, they allow to feeding the population with healthy and quality food (taste, maturity...), by preserving the planet's natural capital (water, soil, climate, biodiversity...) and by ensuring a viable, livable and resilient business for farmers.

The association proposes to farms that recognize themselves in our vision to be part of the Network of Farms of the Future"., a community of farms committed to an agroecological approach. This network aims to bring together all those who are committed to progress in agro-ecology, whether it be in the context of a new installation, a step-by-step reorientation of their farm or an already exemplary activity.

Our vision of agroecology :

The mission of Fermes d'Avenir is to accelerate the agricultural transition, by growing agroecological farms all over France.

But what is agroecology? Unlike organic farming, agroecology is not defined by any specifications, so it is not obvious which farm is agroecological and which is not. We simply define agroecological farms as farms that allow the population to be fed with healthy, high-quality food (taste, maturity, etc.), while preserving the planet's natural capital (water, soil, climate, biodiversity, etc.) and guaranteeing a viable, livable and resilient activity for farmers. 

In order to present this vision and definition in an educational way, we have devised a "Flower of Agroecology which highlights the 12 major aspects of this type of production:

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