At Interstellar Lab, we build modules for sustainable living on Earth and in Space

Environment-controlled pods for crop cultivation on Earth and life support in Space.

Using space exploration design and technologies, we have developed environment-controlled pods able to generate and recycle food, air, and water to support the life of a group of people. Our pods work as fully regenerative habitats that automatically regulate air, pressure, water, temperature, and humidity to create the ideal environmental conditions for humans and plants.

Our pods work stand-alone and can be attached together to form modules. By combining modules, we can support life for larger groups and become a framework for sustainable cities on Earth and, in the future, in space.



Barbara Belvisi

Founder & CEO at Interstellar Lab 

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Mobile, modular, water and energy self-sufficient indoor soil-less cultivation system

Independent Living Base is an AgriTech established on October 1, 2019 that designs, manufactures and distributes Food Containers.

This indoor agriculture solution, in soil above ground, without any chemical products, makes it possible to produce any plant species (fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants, medicinal plants, etc.) continuously all year round.

A Food Container is mobile, modular and autonomous in water and energy.

Pitch at the Biomim'Challenge 2020 final

Food resources are unevenly distributed around the world. The dominant global agricultural model is based on the extensive use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals. 

The recent containment with the resulting closure of borders has shown us how vital food sovereignty is for the human race. 

The expansion of certain cultivation areas is done at the cost of massive deforestation. Energy production, often based on fossil resources, is globally polluting. In Western countries, drinking water is lost through relatively antiquated networks.

With this in mind, the Agrotech Independent Living Base teams began to design a solution sustainableownautonomous water and energy, mobilemodular and can produce a large quantity of food of high quality. quality in a very small area and continuously (all year round), regardless of the climate zone.

The values of the Agrotech Independent Living Base arefrugal innovation, l'efficiency, l'adaptability, l'optimizationthe search for solutions that are compatible with environmental protection, a healthy and balanced diet for the whole population, as well as theintegration through work.

The Agrotech Independent Living Base relies on the know-how of its team deeply invested in the environmental protection and the study of biology for many years. 

Portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021




President Independent Living base


When the Living World enlightens leaders and organisations.

Our vocation: we give impetus to life through a dynamic of new human links in companies

IMPULSER To give impetus, to encourage expansion for a profound renewal in our companies.

NEW LEADERSHIP in a world of limited resourcesThe company has been listening to nature to respect it more and to be inspired by its long experience with species and ecosystems. A new path of innovation!

l'COMPANY We see it as a human community, as a living organism, to realise what makes it unique and different.

Our expertise: consulting * facilitation * individual and group support

AMACYTE supports entrepreneurs, managers and project leaders in transforming their leadership to align their futures and create scalable strategies, in harmony with the vital needs of the planet.

The principles of the living are a source of inspiration for us, inviting us to a change of perception towards the resilience and cooperation of nature. The exciting and borderless approach of biomimicry opens us up to this common consciousness where everything is interdependent and interrelated.

In these unprecedented and confronting times, we share with you with heart our momentum, our experiences this summer and our proposals. With the intention of promoting Living values and be at your side for the the best version of your projects and businesses. 

Discover the return in video of our "Leadership & Nature" learning journey  (10-15 August 2020 - Périgord) and also some keys to a renewal in Leadership.

Facilitated by Anna Matard and Xavier Pineau and a team of nature workshop leaders.
Regenerating Leadership for your projects and the planet

  • A learning journey,
  • A deep encounter with oneself,
  • To explore your challenges, strategies and projects for tomorrow.

Xavier Pineau's presentation during the "when nature inspires management" programme of the Biomim'expo digital week 2020.

Portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021



Xavier PINEAU, Founder and consultant

Jean-Mary PIERRE

After a career as Human Resources Director in several companies and groups, I decided in 2007 to create Aut'heur d'hommes, a consultancy firm specialising in work motivation, management and QWL. Throughout this activity of support to companies, I was struck by the fact :

  • that decision-makers were all looking for management models that would allow them to reconcile the needs of their organisation with the expectations of their employees
  • that all the successive models had been created by man through an intellectual process of inventing from scratch processes that he hoped would meet the desired objectives.

When I discovered biomimicry, it became clear to me that the longed-for models should not be sought in an artificial way, but should instead come from a rediscovery of what living beings had invented to ensure not only the survival but also the expansion of species over three and a half billion years.

Hasn't nature already invented everything?

The IEB, which I co-founded with Michel Bacquet, was born out of this desire to transpose the most effective dynamics of life into companies and make them available to employee management. As both a research centre and a consultancy, the IEB offers companies solutions for renewing the management of employees after the crisis.



Institute for Bio-animated Business (IEB)

Taking inspiration from life to manage people

The IEB is a consultancy and research centre for companies. It is run by specialists in organisations and management whose combined skills offer a vast field of expertise covering the whole of the social domain, QWL, agile operations and operational excellence.

Our value proposition is to develop the art of managing people through the most effective principles of adaptability, organisation and functioning in life.

To do this, we identify and study the virtuous, efficient and sustainable development patterns developed by nature, provided by microbiology, neurobiology, paleoanthropology, genetics and neuroscience. We select those that prove to be suitable for transposition into business.

We work alongside senior management to help them integrate the principles of bio-animation. Our constant objective is to enable companies to become the employer of reference in their sector of activity.

Jean-Mary Pierre's presentation at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020



Jean-Mary PIERRE



Pink Innov' is a network of women and men involved in innovation. Its ambition is to explain, illustrate and bring innovation to life by facilitating its concrete application in companies.

We observe current events, contribute our thoughts, encourage exchanges and organise practical workshops to build innovation in a maker spirit.

We provide our members with pragmatic answers through international academic monitoring, conferences on start-ups and large groups, feedback and immersive case studies to put innovation into practice.

Pink Innov' and Biomim'expo :

Pink Innov' is delighted to announce its partnership with Biomim'expothe great gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations.

  • How does nature inspire tomorrow's innovations and provide solutions to our contemporary challenges?
  • How are all sectors affected?

Biomimicry is a real opportunity for the future, and is a fast-growing approach, at the heart of the innovation strategies of many companies, research centres and innovative businesses, because it is at the heart of the new transition underway: saving energy; producing less waste; combining growth and biodiversity; working and communicating in open, collegial systems; distorting thinking to innovate through decompartmentalized approaches, inspired by the 3.8 billion years of R&D in the living world!

Pink Innov', more than ever, is part of the process of inventing tomorrow's world with and through living organisms and participating in the exploration of biomimicry and bio-inspiration "Explains Hélène Campourcy, Founder and President of Pink Innov'.

Let's meet for this beautiful event on 20 October 2020.



Hélène Campourcy /



The association Fermes d'Avenir wishes to bring together, publicise and defend the interests of farms that are meeting the current agricultural and food challenges. Driven by the general interest, they allow to feeding the population with healthy and quality food (taste, maturity...), by preserving the planet's natural capital (water, soil, climate, biodiversity...) and by ensuring a viable, livable and resilient business for farmers.

The association proposes to farms that recognize themselves in our vision to be part of the Network of Farms of the Future"., a community of farms committed to an agroecological approach. This network aims to bring together all those who are committed to progress in agro-ecology, whether it be in the context of a new installation, a step-by-step reorientation of their farm or an already exemplary activity.

Our vision of agroecology :

The mission of Fermes d'Avenir is to accelerate the agricultural transition, by growing agroecological farms all over France.

But what is agroecology? Unlike organic farming, agroecology is not defined by any specifications, so it is not obvious which farm is agroecological and which is not. We simply define agroecological farms as farms that allow the population to be fed with healthy, high-quality food (taste, maturity, etc.), while preserving the planet's natural capital (water, soil, climate, biodiversity, etc.) and guaranteeing a viable, livable and resilient activity for farmers. 

In order to present this vision and definition in an educational way, we have devised a "Flower of Agroecology which highlights the 12 major aspects of this type of production:

More on the website



Biomimicry: an innovative approach for resilient territories

For several years, drawing on its experience with pioneering local authorities, Cerema has been helping to develop and evolve, in partnership, methods to assist in the emergence and design of projects. In 2019, with the help of the Dreal Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes innovation laboratory, it has formalised a "Different projects" approach, which proposes 5 principles to mobilise the resources of collective intelligence and resilience for the benefit of the project.
In this spirit, it has initiated and is engaged in collaborative research-action dedicated to territorial biomimicry. The ambition is to make this trend, which is inspired by life, a new art of designing projects for resilient territories.
This action research is part of a historical moment when the issues related to climate change and the collapse of biodiversity are making us aware that we are reaching our physical, natural and biological limits, with the irreversible degradation of resources.


  • David Nicogossian


Focusing on trees and the forest to find in business new and impactful solutions.

In the heart of a thousand-year-old forest in Auvergne at its climax, populated by pectinated firs and beeches, managers, executives and their teams come to find new paths of action and organisation thanks to the biomimicry experienced in the forest. For them, it may be a question of building their roadmap, of collectively relaunching, innovating, choosing, moving forward together, surviving, transforming, working on their raison d'être (of beech) or giving meaning.

For them, it is a question of decentring and centring on the forest, of being surprised and learning together, to unblock frozen situations, to find a space and time for renewal and serenity, to find balanced, new and original solutions.

4 axes guide the approach:

  • connecting to the livingIt's about energy, about knowing how to be,
  • exploreTo work on its length, its raison d'être, to bring out the new,
  • operateCreate a product, enhance it and recycle it,
  • and cooperateThe aim is to work as a "system echo".

Sylvomimicry was born out of cooperation between experts

  • Charles-Etienne Dupont in forest management and continuous cover silviculture,
  • Pierre Gérard in creativity, hybridization, biomimicry, and the exploration of desirable futures,
  • and Catherine Redelsperger, in leadership, cooperation, systemics and collective intelligence.
... self-portrait
Pierre Gérard's speech at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020




ALPHANOV is the New Aquitaine Technology Resource Centre specialising in optics and photonics.

We have been developing surface functionalization processes based on the fabrication of bio-inspired nanostructures by laser machining and texturing for several years. We are able to modify the surfaces of various materials (metals, plastics, glasses, crystals) to modify their optical reflectivity properties (from black to a holographic effect), bio-contamination, wettability or to improve their tribological performance.

Technological support :

From setting up collaborative projects to technological support for company creation, ALPhANOV assists you in your industrial projects.

Thanks to close relationships with research laboratories (LOMA, CELIA, LP2N, IMS, Trèfle, XLIM ...) and local photonic companies, ALPhANOV is involved throughout the innovation process:

  • Setting up collaborative projects: search for academic or industrial partners, consortium organisation, financial engineering.
  • Industrialization : ALPhANOV provides its partners with engineering skills to help them in the design and production phases of industrial products.
  • Starting a business : ALPhANOV provides entrepreneurs with a professional and technological environment in which to share ideas and solutions, validate concepts and develop prototypes.

ALPhANOV works in perfect synergy with other regional and national industrial development support actors:

  • the ALPHA - Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences competitiveness cluster;
  • Aquitaine's technology parks, which provide strategic support for business creation, in particular Bordeaux Unitec;
  • the SEML Route des Lasers capable of meeting the real estate needs specific to the sector;
  • Aquitaine Science Transfert is responsible for technology transfer between laboratories and industry;
  • the ministry of research ;
  • Bpifrance;
  • the Regional Council of New Aquitaine and all the local authorities involved in the financing of industrial projects.