Jean-Mary PIERRE

After a career as Human Resources Director in several companies and groups, I decided in 2007 to create Aut'heur d'hommes, a consultancy firm specialising in work motivation, management and QWL. Throughout this activity of support to companies, I was struck by the fact :

  • that decision-makers were all looking for management models that would allow them to reconcile the needs of their organisation with the expectations of their employees
  • that all the successive models had been created by man through an intellectual process of inventing from scratch processes that he hoped would meet the desired objectives.

When I discovered biomimicry, it became clear to me that the longed-for models should not be sought in an artificial way, but should instead come from a rediscovery of what living beings had invented to ensure not only the survival but also the expansion of species over three and a half billion years.

Hasn't nature already invented everything?

The IEB, which I co-founded with Michel Bacquet, was born out of this desire to transpose the most effective dynamics of life into companies and make them available to employee management. As both a research centre and a consultancy, the IEB offers companies solutions for renewing the management of employees after the crisis.


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