Loïc DEYRA obtained his PhD at the Charles Fabry Laboratory of the Institute of Optics in 2014 under the supervision of François Balembois. His work focused on the study of new optical crystals for ultraviolet lasers.

He then participated in the creation of the company SPARK LASERS, which markets industrial laser systems for micro-machining.

He joined ALPhANOV in 2016, where he leads a research project on metrology and functionalization of optical materials, and starts to focus on the formidable properties of bio-inspired surfaces.

After a Master's degree in Intellectual Property Strategy at IEEPI, he has been in charge of Partnerships and R&D Projects at ALPhANOV since 2020, and is committed to developing innovative projects to contribute to the ecological transition.

In 2021 Loïc Deyra joined Ceebios as Biomimicry Consultant for Industrial Applications.


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