Mobile, modular, water and energy self-sufficient indoor soil-less cultivation system

Independent Living Base is an AgriTech established on October 1, 2019 that designs, manufactures and distributes Food Containers.

This indoor agriculture solution, in soil above ground, without any chemical products, makes it possible to produce any plant species (fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants, medicinal plants, etc.) continuously all year round.

A Food Container is mobile, modular and autonomous in water and energy.

Pitch at the Biomim'Challenge 2020 final

Food resources are unevenly distributed around the world. The dominant global agricultural model is based on the extensive use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals. 

The recent containment with the resulting closure of borders has shown us how vital food sovereignty is for the human race. 

The expansion of certain cultivation areas is done at the cost of massive deforestation. Energy production, often based on fossil resources, is globally polluting. In Western countries, drinking water is lost through relatively antiquated networks.

With this in mind, the Agrotech Independent Living Base teams began to design a solution sustainableownautonomous water and energy, mobilemodular and can produce a large quantity of food of high quality. quality in a very small area and continuously (all year round), regardless of the climate zone.

The values of the Agrotech Independent Living Base arefrugal innovation, l'efficiency, l'adaptability, l'optimizationthe search for solutions that are compatible with environmental protection, a healthy and balanced diet for the whole population, as well as theintegration through work.

The Agrotech Independent Living Base relies on the know-how of its team deeply invested in the environmental protection and the study of biology for many years. 

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President Independent Living base

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