When the Living World enlightens leaders and organisations.

Our vocation: we give impetus to life through a dynamic of new human links in companies

IMPULSER To give impetus, to encourage expansion for a profound renewal in our companies.

NEW LEADERSHIP in a world of limited resourcesThe company has been listening to nature to respect it more and to be inspired by its long experience with species and ecosystems. A new path of innovation!

l'COMPANY We see it as a human community, as a living organism, to realise what makes it unique and different.

Our expertise: consulting * facilitation * individual and group support

AMACYTE supports entrepreneurs, managers and project leaders in transforming their leadership to align their futures and create scalable strategies, in harmony with the vital needs of the planet.

The principles of the living are a source of inspiration for us, inviting us to a change of perception towards the resilience and cooperation of nature. The exciting and borderless approach of biomimicry opens us up to this common consciousness where everything is interdependent and interrelated.

In these unprecedented and confronting times, we share with you with heart our momentum, our experiences this summer and our proposals. With the intention of promoting Living values and be at your side for the the best version of your projects and businesses. 

Discover the return in video of our "Leadership & Nature" learning journey  (10-15 August 2020 - Périgord) and also some keys to a renewal in Leadership.

Facilitated by Anna Matard and Xavier Pineau and a team of nature workshop leaders.
Regenerating Leadership for your projects and the planet

  • A learning journey,
  • A deep encounter with oneself,
  • To explore your challenges, strategies and projects for tomorrow.

Xavier Pineau's presentation during the "when nature inspires management" programme of the Biomim'expo digital week 2020.

Portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021



Xavier PINEAU, Founder and consultant

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