Join a community mobilised around the major challenges of the 21st century and united by a deep desire for reinvention, a thirst for imagination and a desire for action.

A space for exchanging, deciphering, imagining and creating desirable futures.

Created in 2015, ENGAGE is now structured around two activities:

  • ENGAGE Action launches Citizen Challenges around the major issues of the 21st century
  • ENGAGE University offers programmes around the fundamental knowledge, skills and tools to become a transformational pioneer. In particular, it hosts the Explorers of our Challenges.

ENGAGE opened in 2019 its campus, Bright City, which hosts our multidisciplinary community, conferences and workshops but also projects in fields as diverse as environment, education, AI, information, health.



The fundamental ambition of the Biodiversity Challenge is to put the economy back at the service of life.

Like the other Citizen Challenges developed by ENGAGE, it is the result of joint work between citizens, companies, associations, NGOs and the media.

The Challenge is now embodied in two projects that will take place during 2020:

  • Supporting 5 companies in their transformation into biodiversity allies

  • Launch a campaign to raise awareness of biodiversity issues in the economic and business spheres



Contacts for the Biodiversity Challenge :

Quentin Thomas, Challenges Officer, 06 08 00 41 24, quentin@engage.world

Laetitia Pfeffer, 06 82 25 30 50, laetitia@engage.world



Biomim'expo is a NewCorp Conseil initiative, brand and event.

NewCorp Conseil, a strategy and communication, CSR and Biomimicry consultancy, took the initiative of creating Biomim'expo to promote biomimicry, to reveal the players and the sector of excellence, and to promote research and innovation.

A HYBRID agency At the crossroads of different paths and expertise, we are both a monitoring and forecasting firm to keep an eye on trends, ideas and innovative approaches; a strategy and communication consultancy to enhance and amplify your commitments, actions and projects; and a societal forecasting agency to analyse opinion, identify weak signals, measure expectations and perceptions, anticipate, understand and respond.

A BIO-INSPIREE agencyThis is a new approach based on the lessons learned from the observation of living organisms and their tremendous capacity for resilience. Drawing inspiration from the living world thus becomes an asset and a lever for innovation and paradigm change, a tool for transition accelerator.

NewCorp Conseil has taken the initiative to create Biomim'expo; it identifies news and market opportunities, helps to identify opportunities, accompanies innovative projects, and puts biomimicry at the service of your innovation and development strategies, as well as internal mobilisation and attractiveness. The agency works in symbiosis with the core expertise of biomimicry, sets up multidisciplinary and creative teams adapted to the projects, and positions and proposes itself as a "particle shaker" to generate new ideas.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :

Videos :

Biomimicry related offers

The NewCorp/Biomim'expo team:

For the Biomim'Challenge :

  • Mia TahanENSCi Les Ateliers trainee at NewCorp Conseil / Biomim'expo,

Art Direction :

  • Florence Garinot, artistic direction
  • Charlotte Domergue, graphic designer

In collaboration with Ceebios:

  • Kalina RaskinGeneral Director of Ceebios
  • Laura MagroDeputy Director for Scientific Development
  • Luce-Marie PetitMaterials Officer
  • Dounia DemsBio-inspired Chemistry and Materials Engineer
  • Estelle CruzHousing Officer
  • Chloé LequetteBiomimetic City Project Manager
  • Anneline Létarddesigner, in charge of design
  • Hugo BachellierTraining Officer and Interregional Facilitator


Contact form:



Edeis is a major player in the engineering and infrastructure management sector. Thanks to its innovative and sustainable vision, the group assists its clients in the implementation and operation of their development, planning and enhancement operations for spaces and territories.

The Edeis group supports its clients with innovative and sustainable solutions in fields as varied as urban management, mobility, digital, building, industry and infrastructure management.

Edeis: a new player guided by an innovative and sustainable vision

A one-stop shop for all building engineering services, Edeis is also a specialist in site management (airports and ports) for local authorities and the attractiveness of the region.

Thanks to its innovative and sustainable vision, Edeis assists its clients in the implementation and operation of their development, planning and enhancement operations for spaces and territories.

Our teams manage public and private projects, from the strategic thinking phase to their commissioning, as well as their operation and maintenance.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :




Anna Gallay


01 56 20 50 84





LOTUS Room / 12:00 - 13:00 / From scientific principle to industrial model (book your place)

Workshop ETIOS This workshop will help you to understand the best practices and key steps for scaling up a bio-inspired project. How to create your structure? What are the steps to go from prototype to commercialization? What are the mistakes to avoid? How to find the necessary funding to deploy your company? Starting with an eco-designed innovation, let's think together about the best way to develop the economic model that goes with it:

  • Sarah Labbé Specialist in sustainable engineering applied to the economy (Co-Founder ETIOS)
  • Nicolas Kulakowski Specialist in sustainable development business strategy (Co-Founder ETIOS)

About ETIOS :

Etios is the ancient Greek word for 'Responsible, who is the cause of everything'. Etios' mission is to use its financial and business strategy skills to support the impact economy.

Its objective? To accompany the massive deployment of sustainable innovations and amplify their impact.

With its multi-sector expertise, Etios identifies and implements growth strategies adapted to the challenges of innovative companies.




The Living Game is an animation tool for your creativity sessions.

The aim of the game is to answer a question by stimulating ideas through the example of nature. It is based on 74 examples from the living world, divided into 6 families. The principle of the game is based on analogy, which is an original, intuitive and simple way of using biomimicry.

To be used in many professional contexts:

  • Creativity sessions for innovation, improvement and development of products and services.
  • Facilitation of workshops on the problems of change, transformation and mutation of organisations.
  • Collaborative working meetings to improve the interpersonal relations of a group of actors or a team.

It can also be used for personal development, coaching or as an intuition game

We are two explorers of creativity, Sylvie Sesé and Jasmine Rivolier, from the world of consulting and training, great users of games and our meeting led us to bio-mimicry, the point of connection of our professional and personal paths.

Based on this deep sense of connection with the Living, we created The Living Game based on the principles of bio-mimicry developed by Janine Benyus.

It is a creativity game for consultants, trainers, coaches, managers, professionals in support, innovation and creativity.

" Unlike the industrial revolution, the biomimetic revolution ushers in an era that is not based on what we can take from nature but on what we can learn from it "Janine M. Benyus.

Contribution to Biomim'expo 2021 on 19 OCTOBER: take part in the workshop Le Jeu du Vivant!




Jasmine Rivolier, jasmine.rivolier@editionsduvivant.fr

Sylvie Sesé, sylvie.sese@editionsduvivant.fr


The Living Building Challenge, the most demanding label in bio-inspired architecture?

LBC workshop: technical and detailed presentation of the Living Building Challenge criteria matrix for a building designed by nature and integrated into its local ecosystem. A key to reading and operational applications for your next specifications or projects.

Lead facilitator :


Innovation Development Manager - ALTO Ingénierie

Living Building Ambassador and Facilitator / RESET AP / FIWEL

He has a PhD and specialises in living environments and ventilation. He is currently in charge of innovation development at Alto Ingénierie. Oscar is also a Fitwel Ambassador, RESET ASP and an Energy-Carbon referent.

Over the years, Oscar has acquired experience and know-how in the design and construction of high energy and environmental performance buildings. He has contributed to numerous operations in France and abroad. He is convinced that the sharing of knowledge, teamwork and respect for our environment are the keys to the success of a high-performance project.

Accompanied by :


WELL AP, LEED GA, Living Building Ambassador

Lenna works in the furnishing, design and well-being team at ARP-Astrance. Ella brings an in-depth knowledge of biophilia and materials and their impact on indoor environmental quality, and participates in professional dialogues on transparency, labels, and standards. Ella believes that design and the built environment are essential elements for well-being, and an important lever for transforming society.

Andromache SIMON

Andromaque has a dual career as an architect and a sustainable construction consultant. She has led numerous BREEAM operations in Belgium and France and has acquired the BREEAM AP title. Her technical environmental training and her knowledge of construction without certification give her a pragmatic and ambitious outlook. Always concerned about the over-investment required in construction projects, she has followed a training course on global cost calculation and is keen to develop the integrated design process, the Cradle to Cradle approach and biomimicry. In parallel to this role, Andromaque leads the French Breeam Assessor network through the Breeam Group France and the organisation of the OFF du Développement Durable. She has recently been trained in WELL, GRESB and WiredScore.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :




A.I.M, a member of the IKOS group, is a consulting firm dedicated to helping organisations from all sectors in their innovation process. We create methodologies for the inventive resolution of technical and scientific problems in companies.

Since 2012, our expertise in biomimicry is based on the publication of 18 scientific articles, the provision of 27 training courses dedicated to the implementation of the approach and the implementation of a dozen industrial collaborations.

With the help of our collaboration, whether in terms of innovation strategy or complex problem solving, our clients have been able to develop new innovative PSPOMs (e.g. materials, medical products, industrial processes, etc.).

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :



Pierre-Emmanuel Fayemi, Innovation Consultant, p.fayemi@aim-innovation.com



During Biomim'expo 2021, Circulab invites you to participate in the Business Resilience Game.

This fun game helps managers and organisations to understand that economic performance should not be the only guide for the company. It is all a question of balance by integrating extra-economic parameters and applying the key principles of organisational resilience, which is what this new game effectively helps them to understand.

The Circulab profile page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :



Brieuc graduated from a French business school and is specialized in the design of circular business models. He is a consultant and has authored several books including Activating the Circular Economy (2015). Brieuc's focus is on helping facilitate the integration of the circular economy in companies and their products and services. He has worked with companies such as IKEA, Interface UK, L'Oréal and IDEO.


After completing a Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and working on social and circular economy projects in the construction sector, Justine is now in charge of the development and coordination of Circulab and Circulab Network. She presents at schools and universities on topics such as creativity, innovation and the circular economy. She is also a trainer and facilitator for independent consultants and manufacturers.