Join a community mobilised around the major challenges of the 21st century and united by a deep desire for reinvention, a thirst for imagination and a desire for action.

A space for exchanging, deciphering, imagining and creating desirable futures.

Created in 2015, ENGAGE is now structured around two activities:

  • ENGAGE Action launches Citizen Challenges around the major issues of the 21st century
  • ENGAGE University offers programmes around the fundamental knowledge, skills and tools to become a transformational pioneer. In particular, it hosts the Explorers of our Challenges.

ENGAGE opened in 2019 its campus, Bright City, which hosts our multidisciplinary community, conferences and workshops but also projects in fields as diverse as environment, education, AI, information, health.



The fundamental ambition of the Biodiversity Challenge is to put the economy back at the service of life.

Like the other Citizen Challenges developed by ENGAGE, it is the result of joint work between citizens, companies, associations, NGOs and the media.

The Challenge is now embodied in two projects that will take place during 2020:

  • Supporting 5 companies in their transformation into biodiversity allies

  • Launch a campaign to raise awareness of biodiversity issues in the economic and business spheres



Contacts for the Biodiversity Challenge :

Quentin Thomas, Challenges Officer, 06 08 00 41 24, quentin@engage.world

Laetitia Pfeffer, 06 82 25 30 50, laetitia@engage.world


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