The Living Game is an animation tool for your creativity sessions.

The aim of the game is to answer a question by stimulating ideas through the example of nature. It is based on 74 examples from the living world, divided into 6 families. The principle of the game is based on analogy, which is an original, intuitive and simple way of using biomimicry.

To be used in many professional contexts:

  • Creativity sessions for innovation, improvement and development of products and services.
  • Facilitation of workshops on the problems of change, transformation and mutation of organisations.
  • Collaborative working meetings to improve the interpersonal relations of a group of actors or a team.

It can also be used for personal development, coaching or as an intuition game

We are two explorers of creativity, Sylvie Sesé and Jasmine Rivolier, from the world of consulting and training, great users of games and our meeting led us to bio-mimicry, the point of connection of our professional and personal paths.

Based on this deep sense of connection with the Living, we created The Living Game based on the principles of bio-mimicry developed by Janine Benyus.

It is a creativity game for consultants, trainers, coaches, managers, professionals in support, innovation and creativity.

" Unlike the industrial revolution, the biomimetic revolution ushers in an era that is not based on what we can take from nature but on what we can learn from it "Janine M. Benyus.

Contribution to Biomim'expo 2021 on 19 OCTOBER: take part in the workshop Le Jeu du Vivant!




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