Through the Blue Growth initiative, the New Aquitaine Region wishes to :

  • Sharing a course

Through the shared drafting of a regional strategy in favour of the sustainable and controlled development of ocean-related resources with all the region's maritime stakeholders.

  • Making New Aquitaine a key maritime player

The central challenge is to ensure the attractiveness and vitality of existing maritime, port and coastal activities as well as the development of new economies, by supporting the initiatives of regional actors and thus claiming a significant place in national and European policies.

  • Meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow

In a context of increasing scarcity of continental resources, of marine resources that are still little known and fragile, and in the face of ecological challenges and those of climate change, the choices we make concerning the development of the blue economy will be decisive for the future of future generations, by favouring the creation of jobs, economic growth and by ensuring the preservation and improvement of the quality of marine ecosystems.

Finally, it will also be necessary to raise the training challenge by strengthening access to initial and continuing training and research and by improving the training/employment match in all blue growth sectors.


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