The mural and the 2021 workshops

Registration will take place in front of the doors of the workshop rooms.

The entire 19 OCT programme is easier to consult and print if necessary


In collaboration with The Climate FrescoBiomim'expo offers you an exceptional experience by taking part in 2 mini "discovery" workshops during the event. These 1-hour workshops will be "discovery" versions that will give you a taste of the full 3-hour workshops.

To give you a taste of the full workshop, we will be presenting two short formats at Biomi'Expo: 10-15 minute mini-workshops on our stand throughout the day to discover the game mechanics, as well as a one-hour Masterclass to discover all the themes in the form of an interactive lecture and a quiz!


Salle Louis Armand, level S3, at 10am - 11am

The Ocean Fresco is a playful and collaborative workshop to raise awareness of the challenges of ocean preservation in a systemic way. Inspired by "La Fresque du Climat", the Ocean Fresco has already won over more than 3000 participants!

How does it work? A hundred or so cards allow participants to take up different challenges to build a visual fresco around the themes of the ocean's contribution, marine biodiversity, fishing, maritime industries, climate and pollution. The participants will learn, exchange and debate on these complex subjects, deconstruct and reconstruct certain knowledge to leave with a better understanding of this ecosystem as well as concrete keys to better preserve it! This workshop is for everyone, novices or experts. It is flexible in terms of duration, in face-to-face or distance learning and in several languages. It can be used, for example, to support local authorities in citizen consultations, companies in change management or CSR objectives, or as part of an event with partners or clients.


Salle Louis Armand, level S3, at 15h - 16h

The Biodiversity Fresco is a fun, collaborative, visual and scientific workshop to understand the systemic nature of biodiversity, how it works, the threats it faces and the consequences of its erosion.

Created by Géraldine Vuillier, Geoffrey-Edouard Vuillier, Charles Sirot and Deloitte Sustainable Development, inspired by the Climate Fresco, it is based on international scientific reports and is aimed at all decision-makers: citizens, local authorities, companies, associations, schools, universities, etc. More than 5,000 people have already taken part in a workshop in France and abroad!

The principle? Practical cases and 40 cards to link together, in teams and in 3 hours, to build a Fresco, to appropriate it, to discover the systemic aspect of the erosion of biodiversity and to reconnect the living to our daily lives through concrete examples. On the occasion of the Biomim'Expo exhibition, discover two special formats, for a first glimpse of the Mural: a stand format, in the form of mini-games, and a one-hour interactive discovery workshop.


Rooms with 20 to 30 seats depending on health constraints, various themes led by experts. Free access included in the event ticket (but participation is conditional on registration for Biomim'expo)

Workshops forone hourThe contents are in the process of being finalised and validated. The list below is subject to adjustment.

// 1st wave - 3 simultaneous workshops from 10 to 11 am

10 am // GECKO room // Designing the bio-inspired innovations of tomorrow! 

With Guillian Gravesdesigner and director of the Big Bang Project agency, and his team.

And Luce-Marie PETITProject Manager, Industrial Studies, Ceebios.

BigBangProject workshop - Ceebios

Come and put biomimicry into practice and design bio-inspired innovations that will meet the major challenges of tomorrow with the team of designers, engineers and biologists from the Big Bang Project agency! On the programme: a collective creativity session to generate ideas that are both surprising and sustainable thanks to bio-inspiration.

10am // LOTUS Room // Training in biomimicry, testimonies from a panel of students from different backgrounds

Hosted by Hugo Bachellier of the Ceebios, with a panel of students from different curricula

Biomim'Cursus workshop

It is not easy to find training courses on biomimicry as part of one's course of study? and yet they exist and are developing! The workshop offers you the opportunity to talk directly with students who are either in or have graduated from these courses. They will give you their testimonies, experiences and advice.

Hosted by Hugo Bachellier of Ceebios, with :

  • Phil BecquetMaster "Biomimetics in Energy Systems" at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences in Villach, Austria.
  • Anne Legarsa graduate of the Nature Inspired Design Master's programme at ENSCI Les Ateliers and a participant in the Biomimicry Focus Lab at the Institut des Futurs Souhaitables
  • Nael ChekafMaster BioInspired Materials, University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour
  • And other participants ... including you!

10am // MORPHO Room // How to formulate its raison d'être and reinvent its economic model with the principles of permaculture?

With Paul Boulanger and Emmanuel Delannoyexperts from Pikaia.

Workshop PIKAIA

Permaculture aims to create productive systems that are self-sustaining, resilient and regenerative. It is based on the observation of living things and design principles that combine and complement each other to offer a systemic vision. If we apply this vision and these tools to the economy, any production or service activity is concerned and can be reconsidered. But, as a company, how can permaeconomics lead you to question your offers and your positioning? By helping you to formulate a sustainable and concrete raison d'être, and then to align your activities and your business model with it! And we propose to help you discover it ... by playing.

Based on real cases, this fun workshop introduces you to the possible paths that will lead your company to a regenerative economic model, at the service of life and people!

// 2nd wave3 simultaneous workshops from 11:30 to 12:30

11:30 // GECKO Room // The Biomim'Reflx method at L'Oréal, or how to create a team dedicated to biomimetics at the heart of the research and strategy of a major group?

With Lucie TOURNIER-COUTURIERBiomimicry Project Leader; Advanced search L'OREALaccompanied by other team members and partners.

Co-hosted with Guillian GRAVESdesigner and director of the Big Bang Project agency.

And Luce-Marie PETITProject Manager, Industrial Studies, Ceebios.

L'OREAL workshop

Committed since the beginning of Ceebios and Biomim'expo, L'Oréal has decided to officially create a team dedicated to Biomimicry at the heart of its research activities, and of course at the service of the Group's strategic programme "L'Oréal for the future". To serve this ambition, a working and organisational methodology has been developed, which L'Oréal has agreed to share during this workshop.

After the testimony of L'Oréal, the workshop will invite the participants to reflect together on how to best integrate biomimicry into the company. How to get organised, how to link it to what and to whom, what obstacles, what success factors, what objectives, ...

11h30 // The Business Resilience Game

Specific location: Level S1 on the right when arriving at Biomim'expo

Hosted by Brieuc Saffré and Justine Laurent

Workshop Circulab

This fun game helps managers and organisations to understand that economic performance should not be the only guide for the company. It is all a question of balance by integrating extra-economic parameters and applying the key principles of organisational resilience, which is what this new game effectively helps them to understand.

At Biomim'expo you will experience this brand new game designed by DiCi - Consulting & Design and Circulab.

11:30 // MORPHO Room // Do bio-mimicry in a simple, fun and creative way!

Facilitators: Jasmine Rivolier and Sylvie Sesé


How to easily integrate bio-mimicry into your professional projects? How can you raise awareness and educate about the use of biomimicry in an original and fun way? 

The analogy with nature is a powerful and exciting tool for creativity and idea generation. Come and experience it in a collaborative and unique workshop: repair yourself like the rubber tree, hunt like the archer fish, get inspired by the skin of the sea cucumber or the ears of the elephant, stabilise yourself like the oak tree, let go of ballast like the cypress tree or spread your energy like the kangaroo .... Anything is possible when you use analogy!

In this workshop, we will challenge you to create a product and manage a team at the same time. Come and play with us!

// 3rd wave - between 3pm and 4pm

3pm // GECKO Room // Biomimicry and territories, drawing inspiration from living organisms to rethink territorial strategies.

With Tarik Chekchak.

Workshop proposed by IFs (Institute of Desirable Futures) and Territory Lab, in partnership with Pikaia.

How can a territory be inspired by a forest or a coral reef to make a successful transition? What can we learn from resilience strategies and the dynamics of change in living systems? How can we take care of the common health of individuals, human societies and natural ecosystems? We offer you a feedback in workshop format, from the Territory Lab project.

3pm // LOTUS Room // Adapting to Climate Change - Working with Nature rather than against it.

Proposed and moderated by Julien Dalle


Since time immemorial, man has developed the coastline to exploit its resources. With the rapid urbanisation of the world's coasts, dykes, breakwaters and other groynes have flourished to protect property and people from the effects of the sea. In the light of climate change and an intense ecological crisis, the relevance of these approaches and grey, inert structures disconnected from the environment is being questioned.

When we measure the performance of mangroves or coral reefs to protect coasts, can we not finally consider approaches inspired by Nature to respond to the challenges of adaptation to climate change? How can we draw inspiration from the engineering of living organisms to develop and implement multi-functional approaches and structures with multiple benefits? (erosion control, protection, anti-swell, recolonisation, etc.)

Based on videos and images, sharing of knowledge (geographical and geological characteristics of the coastline, biological data, etc.) and feedback on current projects, presentations and discussions on the range of bio-inspired solutions.

15h // Biomimicards, how to introduce biomimicry through games?

Specific location: Level S1 on the right when arriving at Biomim'expo

Hosted by Brieuc Saffré and Justine Laurent

Workshop Circulab

Through a world tour, participants discover biomimicry by trying to solve puzzles in teams. Developed since 2014, the game is particularly useful for children to develop their imagination.

MORPHO room // coming soon

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