LOTUS Room / 12:00 - 13:00 / From scientific principle to industrial model (book your place)

Workshop ETIOS This workshop will help you to understand the best practices and key steps for scaling up a bio-inspired project. How to create your structure? What are the steps to go from prototype to commercialization? What are the mistakes to avoid? How to find the necessary funding to deploy your company? Starting with an eco-designed innovation, let's think together about the best way to develop the economic model that goes with it:

  • Sarah Labbé Specialist in sustainable engineering applied to the economy (Co-Founder ETIOS)
  • Nicolas Kulakowski Specialist in sustainable development business strategy (Co-Founder ETIOS)

About ETIOS :

Etios is the ancient Greek word for 'Responsible, who is the cause of everything'. Etios' mission is to use its financial and business strategy skills to support the impact economy.

Its objective? To accompany the massive deployment of sustainable innovations and amplify their impact.

With its multi-sector expertise, Etios identifies and implements growth strategies adapted to the challenges of innovative companies.



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