Urbanleaf, the aquaponics specialist

UrbanLeaf designs self-sustaining ecosystems combining aquaculture and hydroponics.
Whether indoors, outdoors, on the ground or on the roof, there is an aquaponics system to suit everyone, from the decorative and fun indoor mini aquaponics garden to the innovative and functional greenhouse for food production of plants and fish.

At Urbanleaf, we believe that everyone has a role to play in making the world a better place. Our modes of food production and consumption are too greedy of natural resources such as water, soil and energy. It is becoming urgent to reinvent agriculture in a more sustainable and socially responsible way.

Urbanleaf and each of its employees have an important responsibility towards society and the future of our planet. We build our company spirit around respect for people and the environment to make Urbanleaf an exemplary company in constant evolution.

Created in 2015, in Dijon, Urbanleaf is one of the pioneers of aquaponics in France. We offer turnkey aquaponics gardens on our online shop, we design custom-made spaces thanks to our urban agriculture design and consulting office specialised in aquaponics and we offer animations and training in the use of these systems.

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Marie Fiers, Founder, marie.fiers@urban-leaf.com

Stéphane Pelletier, stephane.pelletier@urban-leaf.com

Justin Wauquier, justin.wauquier@urban-leaf.com




MEA PLANT's innovation concerns hydroponic growing processes.

MEA PLANT has been working for 5 years to optimise the very principles of soilless culture. Inspired by the management of morning dew in the structure of the spider's web, MEA PLANT has developed and validated a cultivation process on a new type of substrate that allows water to be retained without absorbing it! The innovation opens the door to a radical design simplification for soilless growing approaches.

With the current challenges posed by urban agriculture and short circuits, this innovation is likely to accelerate the adoption of hydroponics, which is currently difficult to address in the constrained spaces of cities.

MEA PLANT is supported by :

  • A researcher in oncology who diversified her research for the needs of agriculture in the Ligurian region (San Remo, Genoa)
  • An engineer specialising in concrete who developed the prototype installations that allowed the concept to be validated on an experimental farm in San Remo.
  • A spider, which by cohabiting with them in the same garden, provided them with the key to a significant evolution in water management in soilless culture.

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EuraMaterials is positioned to serve new materials processing industries.

The aim is to meet the expectations of the so-called "intermediate" and "processing" industries - ideally placed transversally - so that their complex and functionalized materials and structures (textile, composite, plastic, glass, paper/cardboard/cellulose, ceramics...) are serving 7 main application markets:

  • Equipment for industry,
  • Health,
  • Packaging and graphics industry,
  • Transport and mobility,
  • Building and housing,
  • Tableware and home furnishings,
  • Protection and welfare of the individual.

EuraMaterials is the result of the merger of two competitiveness clusters - Matikem and UP-texa business club and an incubator.




We provide eco-friendly cleaning, hygiene and disinfection solutions.

Surface cleaning with ozonated water, decontamination and air treatment, stone papers, ECO-LIFE-GROUP offers you innovative, economical and ecological green solutions that respect the planet.


Because nature is our religion.

Our mission is to find and propose innovative solutions that are both economically and environmentally competitive.

WE SEARCH ON A GLOBAL SCALE. We scan the world for the most innovative environmental solutions.

... TO DISTRIBUTE LOCALLY. We provide services tailored to
specific local markets.

Dominique Machefert guest at Biomim'expo digital week 2020


Maud Rouland
Email : presse@eco-life-group.com


Founded in 2009, ekodev now brings together a team of 25 employees and an ecosystem of experts mobilised to transform organisations into engaged, positive impact and resilient actors. We guide you to become a real players in the societal and environmental revolution.

ekodev supports organisations and territories in the development and operational deployment of an ambitious sustainable development strategyin order to meeting new social and environmental challenges.

We guide you through understanding and anticipating societal changes. We support you in the integration of these issues into the management of your organisationBy initiating a CSR approach, by innovating and by initiating a real change of scale for your CSR policy.

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Intervention of Timothée Quellard, Co-founder of ekodev at a Biomim'expo 2020 broadcast. Why and how can companies concretely participate in the regeneration of ecosystems?



Thomas CHAUVEAU, Communication Manager, tchauveau@ekodev.com

Timothée QUELLARD, Associate Director, tquellard@ekodev.com


CLIMATE CITY is the first global system dedicated to the adaptation of the world's major cities to local climate risks.


  • The climate economy
  • Urban demography

With the ability to permanently observe the urban climate,
CLIMATE CITY aims to anticipate pollution, natural disasters and heat islands in urban areas.



Laurent Husson, co-founder


Organisational transformation and resilience: Inspire - engage - transform

Pikaia facilitates the metamorphosis and resilience of companies and territories towards organisations and models that aspire to global performance, respectful of people and the biosphere.

Our simple and operational approach responds, through a biomimetic, systemic and regenerative vision, to the needs of organisations to integrate new dimensions and new ways of acting by changing their perspective, in a context of uncertainty.

Our innovation solutions, supported by doctoral research, are based on original biomimetic methods:

  • Permaeconomy©,
  • Eco-mimetic strategies
  • Bio-inspired eco-design of products and processes.


National overview of the functionality economy

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) supports the development of the functionality economy, as one of the pillars of the circular economy. This study, entrusted to Pikaia by the ADEME, draws up a typology of the actors involved in France in the support of this new model and lists the actions conducted with the support of Read the rest of the article


The perma economy, the happy trend that will make 2020

Permaculture transposed to the economy? The result is the "permaeconomy". Theorised by Emmanuel Delannoy, it offers a solid frame of reference for the business models of tomorrow: less predictable and more generous. Read the interview on DNA here: https://www.ladn.eu/case-study-en/la-permaeconomie-cette-tend

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Facilitation of a workshop :

  • Workshop PIKAIA : How to formulate its raison d'être and reinvent its economic model with the principles of permaculture? /

Permaculture aims to create productive systems that are self-sustaining, resilient and regenerative. It is based on the observation of living things and design principles that combine and complement each other to offer a systemic vision. If we apply this vision and these tools to the economy, any production or service activity is concerned and can be reconsidered. But, as a company, how can permaeconomics lead you to question your offers and your positioning? By helping you to formulate a sustainable and concrete raison d'être, and then to align your activities and your business model with it! And we propose to help you discover it ... by playing. Based on real cases, this fun workshop introduces you to the possible paths that will lead your company to a regenerative economic model, at the service of life and people!


Paul BOULANGERPresident, p.boulanger@pikaia.fr

Emmanuel DELANNOYAssociate Consultant, e.delannoy@pikaia.fr



Explore & Discover

We believe science has the highest social impact on our society. We want to change the world by challenging science status quo.

Scinan helps you Explore and make Discoveries in the fields of Science.

Connecting science

We use the most important resource in the world, people. We organize meaningful scientific publications made by researchers into structured database.

In return, we offer an online platform where people can visualise and operate data.


Are you an engineer, a scientist, a fablab member, an academic? Maybe you just love science as much as we do ... Come with us, we have built the best professional software to explore science.


We design and build relevant databases on various research topics. Our databases are meaningful, flexible and related. You will no longer waste time making the state of the art for your research topics.


A neuro ergonomic interface in the form of a 3D map is the best approach to perform data science exploration. Visualize & navigate inside the network but most importantly never miss something.

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Since 1973, WWF France has been working every day to give future generations a living planet. We are working to stop environmental degradation and build a future where humans live in harmony with nature.


The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the world's leading independent conservation organisations, with a network active in more than 100 countries and nearly 6 million members. WWF France, a public utility foundation, works for a living planet from Paris, Marseille, the Alps, Guyana and New Caledonia.

The WWF will be pleased to contribute to Biomim'expo week 2020 by proposing and running a workshop on the blue economy, so take advantage of it!

Click HERE to register for this workshop with WWF.

Aurélie Pontal's speech (Head of Partnerships, Corporate Engagement Manager, WWF France) at Biomim'expo 2019:

The activity report 2017 / 2018

Website France



In collaboration with La Fresque du climat, Biomim'expo offers you an exceptional experience by taking part in 2 mini "discovery" Fresques made during the event, an Ocean Fresque and a Biodiversity Fresque. These one-hour workshops will be short versions that will give you a good overview of the full 3-hour workshops.

What is the Climate Fresco?

A fun, collaborative and creative workshop to raise awareness about climate change. It is based on collective intelligence and is extremely educational.

For what?

In a school, in team building, for the start of a CSR approach in a company, the launch of a climate plan etc.

How do we play?

In teams, you have to find the cause and effect links between the 42 cards of the game and thus co-construct a real "Fresco" of climate change.


The second part is based on creativity: the participants have to use colour, choose a title, leave key messages, draw, invent etc. This part is very important in the ownership process. This part is very important in the ownership process.

The Ocean Fresco ?

Inspired by "The Climate Fresco", the Ocean Fresco game raises awareness of ocean issues and the impacts of our activities on this ecosystem.

It is available in face-to-face and online formats and is aimed at all citizens, companies, local authorities, associations and schools.


The Biodiversity Fresco ?

The Biodiversity Mural is an inspiration of the Climate Mural adapted to the 6th mass extinction. Understand in 45 maps biodiversity, its ecosystem services, the impact of human species, the 5 major pressures, the mechanisms of collapse and possible solutions!



Guillaume Gautier, gautier.management@gmail.com