Institute for Bio-animated Business (IEB)

Taking inspiration from life to manage people

The IEB is a consultancy and research centre for companies. It is run by specialists in organisations and management whose combined skills offer a vast field of expertise covering the whole of the social domain, QWL, agile operations and operational excellence.

Our value proposition is to develop the art of managing people through the most effective principles of adaptability, organisation and functioning in life.

To do this, we identify and study the virtuous, efficient and sustainable development patterns developed by nature, provided by microbiology, neurobiology, paleoanthropology, genetics and neuroscience. We select those that prove to be suitable for transposition into business.

We work alongside senior management to help them integrate the principles of bio-animation. Our constant objective is to enable companies to become the employer of reference in their sector of activity.

Jean-Mary Pierre's presentation at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020



Jean-Mary PIERRE


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