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HEP EDUCATION is the first independent alliance that already brings together 35 Schools and Training Centres around the H.E.P. values: Humanism, Entrepreneurship, Professionalism.


HEP EDUCATION promotes an activist vision of education that aims to develop learners into accomplished women and men who take their future into their own hands and wish to make a positive contribution to a society of tomorrow based on universal values.


A learning pathway to reveal, develop and enhance Human Competences

  • 20% of curriculum content in schools and training centres dedicated to the development of human competencies An ecosystem of HEP values
  • An approach of action and innovation in openness with the trainers and the teams who carry and transmit the 3 H.E.P. values and with the companies, associations, institutions which participate in learning or which work with us on the educational transition Learning places which facilitate multiple collaborations
  • A rich cross-fertilisation with joint events and teaching times between learners from 13 different trades and collaborative spaces open to all


Since 2018, HEP Education's open innovation unit and its partners (companies, scientists, researchers, sportsmen and women, personalities, experts) have been imagining and experimenting with new educational projects together. Respect for life and eco-responsibility, reasoned artificial intelligence, individual and collective capacity for change, are thus part of the teaching deployed in the Schools and Training Centres members of HEP Education.

Nathalie Raveau's presentation at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020

"Education has a major influence on the future of life, the awareness and the commitments of each individual throughout his or her life. It is the privileged vector that accompanies our capacity to be actors in the world in which we want to live. And this world is changing at an unprecedented rate. The societal, scientific and technological upheavals that we are going to experience in the coming years will, I believe, question even more acutely what constitutes the uniqueness and richness of a human being."Roger Serre, founder and inspiration of HEP Education




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