Felix NOBLIA, a farmer researcher, settled in the Basque Country in mixed farming on the Larrous Farm! Felix is a pioneer of Conservation Organic Agriculture, which means that he reconciles organic agriculture and soil regeneration, in order to meet the challenges of carbon storage, water and biodiversity, but also health and taste in our plates. It is a good example of a conversion of a conventional farm to innovative and constantly improving practices.

The presentation of Félix Noblia by Reporterre :

"The "farmer-researcher Félix Noblia invented pesticide-free, no-till farming. After taking over his uncle's farm, Félix Noblia has changed the way the soil is worked. He launched experiments in agro-ecology in the hope of sowing the seeds of a renewal of the farming world. His farming practices meet the challenges of agro-ecology: socially equitable, storing carbon in the soil and preserving biodiversity, water resources and health. Feeding the soil to feed people by cooling the plant. This is the challenge of tomorrow's agriculture.

REPORTERRE / FEB 2019 / The " farmer-researcher "Felix Noblia invents pesticide-free, no-till farming

Félix Noblia is also Vice President of the association FARMS OF THE FUTURE.

And on the recommendation of Felix ...

Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020)

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