Xavier TELLIER is a Polytechnicien and a Doctor of the Ecole des Ponts. He is in charge of the Structures and Materials R&D, in connection with the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (since 2017). He is a temporary teacher since 2019 on the parametric geometry modules at ENSA Paris-Belleville. 

His specialisation in structural engineering with expertise in constructive geometry and parametric design is a fundamental asset for the development of Urban Canopee.

URBAN CANOPEE is a company that proposes solutions to combat climate change through the development of plant canopies over the city. Many advantages are listed such as: fighting heat islands by deploying cool islands; restoring urban biodiversity; fighting air pollution; ...

Some scientific journal articles

  • Tellier, X., Baverel, O., Douthe C., Hauswirth, L. 2019, Surfaces with planar curvature lines: discretization, generation and application to the rationalization of curved architectural envelopes. Automation in Construction, Vol 106
  • Tellier, X., Zerhouni, S., Jami, G., Le Pavec, A., Lenart, T., Lerouge, M., Leduc, N., Douthe C., Hauswirth, L., Baverel, O. The Caravel mesh pavilion: illustration of a new strategy for gridshell rationalization. Springer Natures SNAS (in press, to be published in 2020) 


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