Arnaud Leroy is President and CEO of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency. Arnaud Leroy, 41 years old and a graduate in maritime law and environmental protection, began his political career in the European Parliament where he was Secretary General of the French Green delegation. In 2004, he joined the European Maritime Safety Agency to help set up the Agency and was responsible for the Environment and Climate Change Division.

Elected as a Member of Parliament in 2012, he was a member of the Committee on Sustainable Development and Regional Planning and the Committee on European Affairs of the National Assembly for five years, where he particularly followed texts related to the ecological and energy transition. He is the author and rapporteur of a bill, known as the "Leroy law", on the maritime economy, adopted in 2016, which includes measures to simplify and facilitate the recovery and development of the maritime economy. He also chaired the study group on climate change at the National Assembly and co-chaired, with MP Bertrand Pancher, the Bilan Carbone Association, which offers carbon accounting solutions to organisations.

With this varied experience, Arnaud Leroy puts his energy and expertise at the service of the projects undertaken by ADEME in support of France's commitments to combat and adapt to climate change.

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