Organisational transformation and resilience: Inspire - engage - transform

Pikaia facilitates the metamorphosis and resilience of companies and territories towards organisations and models that aspire to global performance, respectful of people and the biosphere.

Our simple and operational approach responds, through a biomimetic, systemic and regenerative vision, to the needs of organisations to integrate new dimensions and new ways of acting by changing their perspective, in a context of uncertainty.

Our innovation solutions, supported by doctoral research, are based on original biomimetic methods:

  • Permaeconomy©,
  • Eco-mimetic strategies
  • Bio-inspired eco-design of products and processes.


National overview of the functionality economy

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) supports the development of the functionality economy, as one of the pillars of the circular economy. This study, entrusted to Pikaia by the ADEME, draws up a typology of the actors involved in France in the support of this new model and lists the actions conducted with the support of Read the rest of the article


The perma economy, the happy trend that will make 2020

Permaculture transposed to the economy? The result is the "permaeconomy". Theorised by Emmanuel Delannoy, it offers a solid frame of reference for the business models of tomorrow: less predictable and more generous. Read the interview on DNA here: https://www.ladn.eu/case-study-en/la-permaeconomie-cette-tend

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :

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Facilitation of a workshop :

  • Workshop PIKAIA : How to formulate its raison d'être and reinvent its economic model with the principles of permaculture? /

Permaculture aims to create productive systems that are self-sustaining, resilient and regenerative. It is based on the observation of living things and design principles that combine and complement each other to offer a systemic vision. If we apply this vision and these tools to the economy, any production or service activity is concerned and can be reconsidered. But, as a company, how can permaeconomics lead you to question your offers and your positioning? By helping you to formulate a sustainable and concrete raison d'être, and then to align your activities and your business model with it! And we propose to help you discover it ... by playing. Based on real cases, this fun workshop introduces you to the possible paths that will lead your company to a regenerative economic model, at the service of life and people!


Paul BOULANGERPresident, p.boulanger@pikaia.fr

Emmanuel DELANNOYAssociate Consultant, e.delannoy@pikaia.fr

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