Vincent Callebaut Architectures has been named one of the top 50 Green Planet Architects and is listed as the best eco-prospective and visionary architecture firm by Time Magazine "imagining fantastic projects that tackle the world's environmental and social ills".

Born in Belgium and based in Paris, Archibiotect Vincent Callebaut designs and builds with the future in mind. Biomimetic and positive energy buildings that produce their own energy, vertical forests, anti-pollution towers and boats, floating cities and skyscrapers, vertical food farms. Discover projects that respond to the major urban and ecological challenges of the 21st century.

With more than 50 award-winning projects to his credit, several of which are currently under construction, biomimicry specialist Vincent Callebaut is definitely an active proponent of human-oriented and environmentally friendly architecture that ushers in new eco-responsible lifestyles and a new circular economy.

Some completed projects

  • Gardens by the Bay in Singapore 
  • Taipei to Taiwan 2010-219 
  • The Green Arch in Dubai 2020
  • Hotel des postes in Luxembourg 2018
  • The 5 Farming Bridges, in Iraq 2017
  • Aequorea, in Brazil 2015
  • Dragonfly, in the U.S.A 2009
  • Lilypad moves around the world, 2008-2017


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