ARCANE Laboratory of Excellence (Labex): a motivated bio-chemistry

Taking from Nature to give back to Nature

Chemistry now faces two fundamental challenges: designing its future without fossil fuels and integrating current knowledge of molecular biology to design new and more efficient bio-molecular systems. The considerable progress made recently in the field of structural biology has indeed opened up new perspectives and inspired chemists.

The core of ARCANE is the design, synthesis and application of new bio-inspired or bio-targeted molecular architectures in the context of translational research on 3 topics related to the maintenance and progress of human society: energy, environment and health. The ARCANE partners are working towards a common scientific objective: biomotivated chemistry, from bioinspiration to biotargeted molecules.

This objective is based on a shared scientific vision and complementary know-how. It is based on two "vertical" scientific axes: Bio-inspired Chemistry and Bio-targeted Chemistry, which is based on an Emergence foundation.

The ARCANE Labex brings together seven partners from complementary fields to develop these future-oriented research themes.

Keywords Chemistry-biology interface, bio-inspired chemistry, bio-targeted chemistry, bio-molecular engineering, catalysis, simulation, characterisation, device, chemical analysis.

Presentation of the Labex Arcane
Speech by Carole Duboc, CNRS Research Director, Labex Arcane, at the Biomim'expo digital week in 2020
Speech by Vincent Artero, Director of the Laboratory of Chemistry and Biology of Metals, Head of the DIESE Department of the IRIG Institute (CEA/Grenoble), at Biomim'expo 2019

ARCANE in brief

  • 153 researchers
  • 7 networked laboratories
  • End of programme: 30 November 2028

Financing of

  • 38 PhD students in the coming years
  • 70 6-month internship grants

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :



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