Julien Dalle, Agroparistech agricultural engineer.

After graduating from Agroparistech (formerly INA-PG), I first worked as a management, operational performance and strategy consultant for 5 years before reorienting my activity towards the preservation and restoration of marine environments.

I can now put the skills of analysis, problem solving, project management and system optimisation that I have acquired in the past at the service of future issues such as the fight against coastal erosion, the preservation of biodiversity and fisheries resources, the design of sustainable exploitation models for aquatic resources, etc. As an underwater photographer and professional diver, I now lead ambitious and innovative projects within the Seaboost teams to bring about real progress in the management, development and preservation of aquatic environments.

Many of these projects are international, at the forefront of research in our field of expertise, and we are involved in both operational and expert or advisory assignments for site managers.

Based on biomimicry, nature-based solutions and the eco-design of offshore structures, we innovate to ensure that our approach is increasingly consistent with existing ecosystems, responsible, beneficial to local communities and has significant, large-scale and sustainable effects.


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