Marion Canalé was a student at Sup'Biotech and even before she graduated, she was already focused on her project. She had the opportunity to do an end-of-study internship on the theme related to her project and thus devote six months to R&D. The project was carried out by a team of seven students from the Sup'Biotech engineering school. Once the internship was completed, Marion Canalé directly joined Genopole's Shaker programme to clarify the development strategy of his future company. 

This period started in October 2019 and the start-up was born in March 2020. 

Cearitis was born from the "Athenolive" project, winner of the Biomim'Challenge 2018 competition organised as part of the Biomim'expo. Cearitis is a company that offers bio-inspired solutions for protection against olive pests.


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