Cearitis provides Biocontrol to protect crops from their harmful effects. pests. We are mainly interested in Diptera (flies) that threaten fruit and vegetable crops every year.

Our first mission: to fight against olive flyBactrocera Oleae, the main pest in the olive sector.

Cearitis protects your crops

The company Cearitis offers an innovative technology to control agricultural pests without the use of pesticides. The control strategy is based on two principles: chemical ecology of the pest and a system called push-pull ".

Chemical ecology is a science specialising in the study of interactions between organisms and their physico-chemical environment. These attractive or repulsive interactions govern, among other things, the behaviour of ovipositors and female insects. Cearitis integrates the chemical mediators in a repellent system (push) coupled with a attractive fixed trap (pull) to effectively control insect pests of field crops, trees and horticultural crops.

Our first objective is to control the olive fly, Bactrocera Oleaethe main pest of the olive tree.

Marion Canale at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020

The project

Cearitis aims to control pests in an ecologically responsible manner and without the use of chemicals.

The project puts this into practice and applies Cearitis' innovative technology to control the olive fly, Bactrocera Oleae. The olive fly is the most important pest of the olive tree. Its geographical location is not limited to our national territory but extends over all continents of the world. By laying its eggs in the olives, Bactrocera Oleae alters the organoleptic properties of the olive fruit and causes, between 5 and 30% of crop loss each year.




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