AEONIUM: A genus of xerophilous plants that is able to adapt to dry conditions. During the cooler, wetter nights, the stomata open to let water into the pores of the plant and close during the day to counteract evapotranspiration.

The project consists of a fog collector built near a typical rural village in Burkina Faso. The installation is a tribute to the tradition of the water carriers as it facilitates the activity while creating a pleasant meeting place.

Using the hygrothermal qualities of the material, the dome is composed of a wooden wall that naturally retracts according to the ambient humidity. Thus, during the night and the rainy season, the envelope opens to reveal a copper mesh capable of capturing water droplets. Conversely, during drier weather, the wooden shell closes to preserve humidity and slow down the evaporation of the pond. The latter, by hosting specific plants, benefits from phyto-purification, a passive water purification system.

AEONIUM is the first prize winner of Biomim'expo 2017.


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Théo Jarrand,

Marc-Antoine Juneau,

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