We believe that origami-inspired folding techniques are capable of revolutionising the way we approach and solve engineering challenges

PliFalTec is a young French company that uses the origami processes used in the nature to design and offer products innovative for the entire industrial world

Its employees constitute a international network of experts driven by the values of creativity, inventiveness, quality and eco-design

At the junction between theart and theengineeringPliFalTec imagines solutions in the image of the most beautiful technical and architectural achievements

Its products play with the fold in all its dimensionshigh-tech, aesthetic, ecological, timeless

Know-How and Expertise

Thanks to the diversity of its skills and its connections in the world of research and industry, PliFalTec can intervene and mobilise its experts in all sectors of activity where folding applications appear as relevant solutions: packaging, mobile architectures, mechanical engineering, medical devices, robotics, microsystems, etc.

Its experts are familiar with all origami techniques (classic, rigid, dynamic, 3D, modular, tessellations with a unique skill around crumpling), know how to select and work with various materials (paper, cardboard, fabrics, plastics, metals) and bring together a variety of skills, notably in engineering, design, architecture and industrialisation, thus covering a large number of sectors of activity.

PliFalTec uses standard professional tools to design and manufacture its products, but also develops its own design and production tools specific to bending techniques.

By mobilising its international network of experts and the complementarity of its skills, PliFalTec can provide its know-how at all stages of a project: Idea, Conception, Design, Manufacturing, Industrialisation:

  • Packaging
  • Mobile architectures




Jean-Baptiste Floderer, President Plifaltec SAS

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