Soletanche Bachy is the world leader in foundations and soil technologies.

We offer the most comprehensive geotechnical package on the market: deep foundations, reinforcement, waterproofing and soil treatment, retaining walls, civil engineering, soil improvement and tunnels.

Intervention at Biomim'expo 2020 to present "Biocalcis®", calcifying bacteria. By Annette ESNAULT FILET, Project Manager.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :

Biomim'review board:

Annette ESNAULT-FILET is the Biocalcis Development Manager in the Technical Department of Soletanche Bachy International. 

On 20 October at Biomim'expo, she will present the development of the Biocalcis process for soil reinforcement by biocalcification, describing the main R&D stages that led to the industrial process as it exists today.


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