Nat'H is a very young company that was born in December 2019. It was born from a chance meeting between a concrete engineer and the swifts of Toulon.

Why was Nat'H born?

Swifts, like many birds and other animal species, are in steep decline. This alarming disappearance, partly due to the continuous advance of the urban environment in our landscape, very often results in the loss of their habitats.

Faced with this alarming situation, I decided, as a professional in the construction industry, to focus on actions in favour of biodiversity in urban development, by creating the company Nat'H.

By taking into account the growing urban pressure and its impacts, in particular the loss of nesting cavities, Nat'H provides solutions to compensate for the destruction of natural habitats, by proposing shelters and nesting boxes made of wood concrete, to be integrated or not into the building, in order to develop nature in the city and to reclaim threatened biodiversity.

The company's advantages :

Nat'H is committed to working in collaboration with local planners, architects, landscape architects, building professionals and private individuals to find innovative solutions that integrate nature into the city so that building sites can finally be synonymous with biodiversity.

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Olivier Winock at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020



Olivier Winock, CEO, NAT'H Nature-Harmonie Company,

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