Gaïarta is a co-creation vessel towards a regenerative futureworking hand in hand with the 8th Pirogue of the "Archipelago of French Biomimicry Schools", a multidisciplinary and passionate working group created at the initiative of CEEBIOS and Gaïarta.

Inspired by photosynthesising organisms and dragonfly wings, in terms of their structure, generation process, aesthetic appeal and symbolism of adaptability to the earth they have inhabited for 300 million years. This sail is being developed to be regenerative, both in terms of its positive impact during its life cycle and through the ecosystem services it will provide and help to develop...

The project was finalist of the Biomim'Challenge 2020. Read the project pitch below:


Contacts :

Christophe Sachs, Founder / Captain, +33 7 55 11 50 22

Edoardo Giacomini, Head of Development at Gaïarta | ESSEC Business School

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