With over a century of commitment, the LPO works daily to protect wild species, preserve natural areas, educate and raise awareness of the environment with 59,000 members, 8,000 volunteers, 550 employees and a network of local associations active in 83 departments.

The LPO is the official representative in France of the BirdLife International network (120 organisations and nearly 2.8 million members worldwide).

Created in 2012 and recognised as a public utility since 1986, the association is directed by Yves Verilhac and chaired by Allain Bougrain Dubourg.

https://www.lpo.fr/ and social networks LPO France on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn https://refuges.lpo.fr/

Why is the LPO a partner of Biomim'expo?

Biomimicry is at the heart of the current ecological transition, which consists of saving energy, working in short circuits, reducing waste, rethinking agriculture, combating global warming, and making our habitat, cities and territories resilient. It was therefore natural for the LPO to be a partner of the 6th edition of Biomim'expo, a major annual gathering of actors and stakeholders in biomimicry, which will be held on 19 October at the Cité des Sciences de la Villette.

Intervention byAllain Bougrain Dubourg in the opening plenary of the Biomim'expo digital week 2020. What birds teach us, and say about us. Testimony, analysis, sharing of experience and vision on the evolution of the world fed by so many years of struggle, fieldwork, passion and action! A great witness to enlighten us and project us on the world of tomorrow.

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