Committed to sustainable development since his childhood and passionate about innovation, Jean-Michel is dedicated to the promotion and development of innovative bio-inspired solutions.

A business engineer with an additional master's degree in environmental science and management, Jean-Michel has worked for various companies on issues or sectors related to sustainable development, such as natural disasters, renewable energies, consulting and support for start-ups in the field of biotechnology. Through his experience, he has acquired expertise in business development, marketing and sales and business model design. 

In 2014, he founded Novobiom with Caroline Zaoui. Novobiom offers innovative solutions for the ecological remediation of heavily polluted natural resources. Based on an innovative biotechnological platform that breaks with usual industrial practices, the start-up expands the scope of existing techniques with a novel biological solution (Mycoremediation) for treating contaminated waste. Currently focusing on the fight against soil contamination, it introduces to industry a new efficient and competitive way to manage and rehabilitate heavily contaminated industrial sites.

Jean-Michel's main role is to guide the overall management of the company.

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