D. in Biology and after 4 years of experience in a research laboratory on plant-microorganism interactions, Justine Lipuma created the start-up " MYCOPHYTO" .

This project was accepted at the PACA EST incubator in 2016 and the SAS was created in October 2017. It responds to a strong demand from producers, nurserymen and industrialists who are looking for effective alternative solutions to the use of chemical inputs, allowing them to obtain more robust productions. MYCOPHYTO is developing biological solutions that have the potential to reduce inputs and increase yields.

The innovative strategy proposed by MYCOPHYTO is to optimise a synergy between plants and soil microorganisms that will act as a natural fertiliser.

The company develops, produces and markets mixes of indigenous mushrooms combined with plants. These certified plants have these "natural fertilizers" in their roots. Its target markets are: the cultivation of perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants (PPAM), the cultivation of olive trees and tomatoes. Its 2-year objectives are to break into the vine and wine market.

Justine Lipuma in "La France bouge", Raphaëlle Duchemin and the Europe1 editorial staff



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