Just like at home with ... V 2019

You liked this atypical and intimate format! It will be repeated at Biomim'expo 5 in 2020.

In a small lounge set up "as if at home", informal and intimate discussions with researchers, lab directors, company managers, teachers, designers, architects ... to exchange and discover jobs and functions. Every 30′, a man or a woman faces you.

The pitch ...

The 2020 programme is currently being developed.

As a reminder, the 2019 meetings :

Rémi DUPOUY, JOB ... "NATURAL REPORTER and AUTHOR-DESIGNER. Do you dream of travelling through the great outdoors, hunting for images with a camera, of meeting the great wildlife but also the smallest, sometimes imperceptible, of knowing how to read a landscape, its history and its life told by the species that live there? Rémi will tell you about his job as a producer and director of natural stories .... for which media and how? to discover by coming to meet him.

Stéphane Viollet and Antoine Wystrach, TRADES ... "RESEARCHERS. (Stéphane is a CNRS Research Director, Institute of Movement Sciences in Marseille; Antoine is a CNRS Research Associate, Animal Cognition Research Centre in Toulouse (CNRS/Paul Sabatier University)) / What do you do? ... "I am a researcher" .... This is an answer that undoubtedly makes you dream, perhaps intimidates you a little, and also undoubtedly remains floating in the air, full of enigmas and questions. What does it actually mean to be a researcher, what do you do on a daily basis? what do you look for? what do you discover? is there any room for chance? who finances? and if you find something, what happens?

Dr. Perrine Strasser, JOB ... "CHASTER of RESEARCHERS. Doctoral students and young doctors, are you ready and trained for the world of research, development and industrial innovation? How can you promote your skills to companies that need your expertise? Who is recruiting? How, when and where to start? What job should you apply for and how can you make the transition? Why do only 12% of researchers in companies hold a doctorate, whereas 14,000 doctors graduate each year in France? Perrine Strasser, founder of Science me Up and herself a PhD in diabetes biology from the University of Strasbourg, will answer your questions by explaining her activities in training, recruitment and scientific events, all of which create bridges between academia and industry.

Emmanuel BOCRIE, JOB ... "METEOROLOGIST ... AND DIRECTOR OF THE MEDIA UNIT OF MÉTÉO FRANCE . KESACO ? The weather is perhaps the most consumed product in the world, it's the first question you ask yourself before a trip or if you're planning to have lunch outside next Saturday ... but who produces, analyses and markets the weather? Is the weather you see on different media the same? How can you tell good weather from bad? .... Emmanuel will answer all your questions, even if you still mix up the weather and climate a bit ....

Guillian Graves, JOB ... "BIO-INSPIRED DESIGNER. If it is not always easy to define biomimicry, do you know how to define design 🙂 ... and the job of a designer? Guillian will present his career path and his daily activities in order to be inspired by the living, to eco-design, and to translate this in an innovative and operational way for industrialists, in response to their challenges and needs of use.

Pascale JOANNOT, JOB ... "OCEANOGRAPHER ... and EXPEDITION DIRECTOR. This is the name of a profession that makes you dream, and obviously opens up your horizons! Pascale is also a specialist in coral reefs ... how do they work? how do they function? what role do they play? how can they be protected? In concrete terms, how do we explore the ocean? What are the missions of the Museum's expeditions? Particularly today, between the wonder of the splendour of marine environments and the observation of their endangerment, what is the role, what are the missions of the Oceanographer? Pascale will tell you about her life, in Paris at the National Museum of Natural History, and through her travels and expeditions ....