A graduate of the École Nationale de la Météorologie, Emmanuel Bocrie is a former weather forecaster who now heads the Media Unit at Météo France. During his career, Emmanuel has worked on nowcasting (forecasting the arrival of rain on a place the size of the Roland Garros stadium or a Formula 1 racetrack, with an accuracy of 5 minutes), lightning detection and meteorological management of PPI crises (release of radioactive pollutants into the atmosphere, for example)

The Media unit of Météo France has two main missions: to provide weather forecasts (commercial services) to the traditional media (television, newspapers and radio) and to participate in Météo France's communication by answering interviews. The Media unit is made up of about twenty weather forecasters working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every day, the work of the Media Unit forecasters (forecast maps accompanied by briefings) can be seen on television channels such as TF1, BFMTV or on the airwaves of France Inter, France Info, RTL or Europe 1. Each year, the Media Unit answers 450/500 interviews to explain weather phenomena, forecasts or climate change and its consequences.

During Biomim'expo 4, on October 22, 2019 at La Villette, Emmanuel Bocrie will offer you a friendly exchange in the " just like at home "He will talk about his job and answer your questions about the production of weather forecasts.

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