RÉMI DUPOUY - speaker 2019

Rémi Dupouy holds a Master's degree in audiovisual journalism and content production. He applies his passion and knowledge of nature and animals to his work as a television documentary maker. He is a naturalist field reporter and film writer-director, specialising in the human-animal bond and the place of species in the lives of today's humans and the history of civilisations.

His objective: to reintroduce different generations to nature through immersion, original angles and modern means rarely transposed to this theme. For the past 10 years, he has been developing documentary collections with production companies, dealing with the functioning of living organisms as well as the natural and cultural relationship, sometimes conflicting, between man and animal.

After 4 years of collaboration and 13 documentaries for and with National Geographic (series Into the French Wild on the ecosystems of France and Wild Trip on the human-animal bond around Europe), he is now directing the Meuh! collection for the Arte channel on the worldwide epic of the domestication and diffusion of bovids. Rémi also creates web content for new media, especially on social networks. With the collective à l'instinct, he created WILDLive! the first animal webseries broadcast live on Brut. from the remarkable natural environments of the planet, of which a transmedia version, web and television, is in development for this 2019-2020 season.

More information on his page Facebook and wildlive.co.uk

During Biomim'expo 4, on October 22, 2019 at La Villette, Rémi Dupouy proposes a friendly exchange with you in the " just like at home "He will talk about his job and answer your questions.

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