About Usbek & Rica :

"Testing the future and having it tested


Never before has the human race experienced so much upheaval in so short a time and in so many areas at once. The world into which we were born has disappeared, the world into which we will grow old does not yet exist, and the world in which we live is in permanent metamorphosis. This is what makes our time as confusing as it is exciting. When everything changes so quickly, the reflex of individuals and societies is to be afraid. To panic. To make the wrong choices or to miss the good old days. Our number one task is therefore to understand what is at work, to analyse the weak signals and to map out future scenarios. As heirs to the Enlightenment and Montesquieu (the characters in Usbek & Rica are the heroes of the Persian Letters), we want to bring Reason back into the turmoil. Foresight is not an exact science, but it is worth a try!


Faced with the crisis of the imaginary future, faced with the fear of the future, faced with the threats that obstruct the horizon (terrorism, climate crisis, financialization, techno-scientific swerves), we must rediscover the taste for progress. Usbek & Rica is not a militant media, but committed. For democracy, for technical progress at the service of Man, for peace, for culture, for the planet, for secularism, for emancipation. At a time when digital civilisation is taking shape before our eyes, we believe that these timeless and universal values are worth defending. To do so, we are open to all ideas that will make the 21st century an era of collective well-being. But we are confident: all over the world, people are inventing, creating, dreaming, proposing concrete solutions. Usbek & Rica wants to listen and to value all those who do not give up. And they are much more numerous than we think!

Being useful

The future is there, hidden in the present, in gestation. It is in the fab labs, it is in the virtual currencies, in the cutting-edge technologies, it is in the intellectual effervescence of the inventors of the future... Usbek & Rica is a media that wants to test and have its readers test the future. To be useful to as many people as possible, otherwise we would miss our mission.




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