For this Season 8, Biomim'expo will be even richer and more inspiring. A unique and unprecedented configuration with a Biomim'expo 2024 that is growing to offer 2 days of exploration and discovery, to meet the genius and beauty of living beings.

Biomimicry is an emerging approach for the future, already in full swing, applied and demonstrated. Of course, there is still a lot to be discovered, to be revealed, to be "cleared", come and meet a new revolutionary and universal way of rethinking our future.

11 and 12 June 2024 at the Parc Floral de Paris

The major biomimicry and biodiversity event is moving and doubling its surface area to better welcome you and expand its showroom.

8th edition of Biomim'expo, the great gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations. For 2 days, conferences, debates, round tables, project pitches, the Biomim'Challenge final, exhibitions, exhibitors' forum, participative workshops, Biomim Lab Show, speed dating, animations, film screenings, TV set, media corner, literary café, book fair with author signings, etc. 

In the heart of this emblematic place of the Parc Floral de Paris and its 35 hectares of nature, these two Biomim'days open to all actors and stakeholders will offer an exceptional forum/showroom dimension.

If you are not already a regular, trust us to make you two beautiful days of discoveries, whatever day you choose, and even more so if you take advantage of the 2 days (our reco). For a moment of re-enchantment and encounters to advance and grow ideas and projects inspired by living beings to imagine the world of tomorrow.

Participants 2022.

Various formats for all tastes and all opportunities for encounters and discoveries ...

In the form of round tables, presentations, interviews, panel discussions ... all subjects are addressed. Energy, architecture, the city, agriculture, materials, collective intelligence, management ... but also the ocean, insects, plants, mushrooms ... thanks to the formidable panel of experts and witnesses who have enlightened Biomim'expo since 2016. More than 600 interventions to date!

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In front of you, researchers explain their work and carry out manipulations as if you were in their labs. A unique opportunity to meet research and those who carry it out.

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To take advantage of the presence of many authors within the biomimicry community and friends of Biomim'expo. 30' lecture by an author on his latest book + signing session at the ephemeral bookshop.

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In partnership with Rue de l'Echiquier for many years, find a selection of books specially selected for you.

To share experiences, reflect together, work, debate, co-construct, stimulate your team creativity .... Biomim'expo also offers participative workshops. Between 30 and 40 people to be able to create a group exchange, for 1 hour (so as not to deprive you of the rest of the programme). You will meet around experts-witnesses-facilitators and a theme or issue.

Example of Biomim'expo 7 workshops.

In a small living room set up "as if at home", informal and intimate discussions between 10 or 20 people around a witness who talks about his or her job and career. The aim is to discover jobs and functions that are often unknown but nevertheless fascinating. How did they get there? What do they do on a daily basis? How can we be inspired by them? Every 30′, a man or a woman faces you.

Example of testimonials Biomim'expo 7.

Biomim'expo is about showing those who do, and showing what they do. You will be surprised by the diversity of applications of biomimicry. You will be able to meet laboratories, industrialists, schools, associations, and entrepreneurs who develop new ideas inspired by life. You will see models, touch materials, experience experiments, and learn from passionate people.

Reminder of exhibitors Biomim'expo 7.

Become exhibitors Biomim'expo 2024.

The Biomim'Challenge is THE competition for bio-inspired projects, presented during the Biomim'expo, pitched LIVE in the final, and supported by the community of experts. The competition at the heart of the biomimicry expert ecosystem, to not only submit your ideas and projects, but also to take advantage of the Biomim'expo event and its network.

Participate in Biomim'Challenge 2024.

Throughout the 2 days, you will find several surprising and instructive exhibition formats on biomimicry, biodiversity, climate, etc. to discover the extent of bio-inspired innovations but also to have the major reference points necessary to understand the world.

The learning exhibits Biomim'expo 7.

Biomim'expo is also about the senses! Several sensory experiences are offered. Walk barefoot in the moss of the Auvergne forest, smell and discover odours, guess materials by touch, experience bioluminescence...

The sensory experiences Biomim'expo 7.

Projects and ideas are born from encounters. Biomim'expo is also, and above all, about getting together, mixing knowledge and skills, desires and perspectives. There are separate areas where you can have a quiet chat and imagine new horizons.

Awakening the senses to awaken consciousness. Biomim'expo opens its doors to artistic expressions that also speak to us about nature, our relationship with others, our environment and the future.

The art experiments Biomim'expo 7.

2024 programme under construction