PROGRAMME Biomim'expo 2021

This Season 6 Biomim'expo 2021 is rich, dense and inspiring! A second semester from Marseille to Paris, from the ocean to the cities of tomorrow.

A fantastic Biomim'expo 2021 configuration in terms of impact, awareness and visibility for biomimicry, its actors, stakeholders and partners.

Biomimicry is already booming, applied and demonstrated. Of course, there is still a lot to discover, to reveal, to "clear", but this "hidden continent of innovation" 😉 is already there, alive and well. Come and meet it.

09 November - Paris - Hôtel de Ville de Paris

Biomim'expo 2021 conferences and closing evening

We will meet in the prestigious salons of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris for an institutional evening from 4pm to 9:30pm. An exceptional opportunity to showcase biomimicry and its actors. Speeches, conferences, announcements, exhibition and cocktail.

16:00: welcome

16.20 - 19.30: round tables, trend book and keynotes on the theme of the bio-inspired city of tomorrow. We will talk about the specifications of the bio-inspired resilient city, but also about the cultural revolution in the promotion and real estate professions, about "green guerilla", about nature experiences, about cities thought as living organisms... We will talk about building envelopes, structures, rewilding, but also about ecosystems and territories. ...;... Exemplary projects and achievements will be presented, calls for projects launched ...;... our living spaces must be rethought to be adapted, for the greater benefit of man and nature.

19:30 - 21:30: "Get together" cocktail for hybrid and constructive meetings between the actors and stakeholders of biomimicry.


Closing cocktail

It was the 19 October at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie

The big event! Biomim'Back: 6th edition of Biomim'expo in its usual configuration as a major gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations.

All day long, conferences, debates, round tables, project pitches, Biomim'Challenge final, exhibitions, exhibitors' forum, participative workshops, Biomim Lab Show, speed dating, animations, film screenings, TV set, media corner, literary café, book fair with author signings, ... 

This emblematic place of science and technology is now the occasion for the largest gathering of biomimicry. This day, open to all actors and stakeholders, offers an exceptional forum/showroom dimension thanks to the exhibition halls on either side of the large 900-seat Gaston Berger amphitheatre.

The entire 19 OCT programme is easier to consult and print if necessary

The big plenary

The Louis Armand plenary

The Biomim LAB Show

The "Comme à la Maison" interviews

The workshops

The exhibitors

The book fair and signing sessions

Photo exhibitions

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Back to Marseille // What a week! Biomim'expo stopover from 3 - 11 September during the World Conservation Congress

Biodiversity / Biomimicry immersion: Biomim'expo stopover in Marseille, with and alongside the IUCN World Congress, for Biomimicry in the heart of Nature.

The large biomimicry fresco-gallery on the World Conservation Congress site. Info

THE PODCASTS ARE ONLINE. The Biomim'expo day, on-stage talk shows. Info

The Get Together evening at Casa Delauze. Info

Learning excursions. Info

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